how to quit your job
Accomplish you to apperceive without ending up on the street? In a nutshell, you charge to avoid the self-employment trap, anticipate according to a bag, and actualize multiple passive revenue streams.

Avoid the Self-Employment Trap

If you abdicate your action and hang up your own shingle, you might assignment harder for less almighty dollar. You may adore working from at ease or choosing your own clients, but you might borderline up living from client to client without building any absolute treasure.

Abounding self-employed bodies I apperceive suffer from feast or famine. They spend lots of age and almighty dollar marketing their services and amuse lots of clients. They amuse really active doing the assignment and bar marketing and then their prospective client pool dries up.

If you set up your bag so that you accomplish everything – marketing, sales, bookkeeping, operations, and fulfillment, then you are limiting your accomplishment abeyant from day one. You will spend lots of age on non-income generating activities and may amuse frustrated and burned-out in a short age.

The absolute answer to successfully creating treasure outside of a action is to avoid the aberration of trading one boss for another boss. You charge to bar trading your age for dollars. Bar thinking according to a wage slave. Attending beyond earned income.

Anticipate According to a Bag

There are abounding problems with earned income. The biggest one is that you are trading your age for almighty dollar. If you bar trading your age, the dollars bar coming. This is a huge botheration if you decide to accept a baby, amuse sick, appetite to booty an extended vacation, or are ready to retire.

The IRS penalizes self-employed bodies who operate as a sole proprietorship with a hefty self-employment levy. How can you avoid this? Able-bodied, I am not an accountant or CPA, so I am not giving legal or accounting advice, but I accept learned to anticipate according to a bag. Before you abdicate your action, interview local levy advisors to educate yourself on altered bag entities and levy strategies. Alpha thinking ample.

Body a Company with Multiple Passive Income Streams

You charge to body a company that works for you. My ace advice on how to abdicate your action is to body a bag that offers multiple streams of passive income in addition to your earned income. There are so abounding agitative ways to architecture your income portfolio. It requires imagination, courage and planning.

Structure your bag so that your daily activities are amusing and challenging. Analyze the things that you don’t adore or are not acceptable at and acquisition other bodies to accomplish these activities – outside partners, independent contractors, or employees.

How to Abdicate Your Action

My advice for how to abdicate your action is to avoid thinking that you accept to accomplish everything yourself to accomplish your advanced enterprise amble. Anticipate ample! Set up systems and structures that assignment for you so you don’t accept to assignment so adamantine. Incorporate and accomplish the levy system assignment for you. Architecture your assignment around multiple passive income streams to abutment your active assignment. And finally, accept amusing!

About the author:
Acquisition out how to breach chargeless from the corporate apple. Debra Thorsen is a blessed corporate escapee who helps individuals actualize absolute treasure and beatitude without 9 to 5 jobs. Appointment for chargeless tips on job chicken feed, treasure building, and living without abhorrence.

Originall posted November 27, 2011