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Blooming tea is used by the Chinese as a traditional medicine to treat abounding ailments including acne and to advance general able-bodied-being. But does it accommodate an able herbal alternative to ad hoc medication?

The answer seems to be ‘Affirmative’. There are alone two herbal treatments that are accepted to be able in treating acne and blooming tea is one of them.

In a recent study by Jennifer Gan-Wong, M.D. a blooming tea cream was trailed against a 4% benzoyl peroxide solution on bodies suffering with moderate to severe acne. The results from this research study showed that blooming tea was aloof as acceptable in treating acne as the benzoyl peroxide.

But benzoyl peroxide dries out skin causing itching or hypersensitive reactions. Unlike blooming tea that has the added advantages of accustomed anti-bacterial properties and antioxidants, particularly epigallocatechin gallate which is 200 times added able than vitamin E at fighting chargeless radicals.

Blooming tea again helps to lessen inflammation, hormonal action and aids in detoxification – which is all acceptable statement for acne sufferers.

Blooming tea extract is an decidedly able herbal supplement – it can be administered topically, generally being used in creams, taken as a in the anatomy of a tablet or incorporated into your diet and drunk as a tea.

This last adaption is actual popular (Blooming Tea with Honeysuckle is generally accepted as ‘Pimple Tea’ in abounding Chinatowns) when drunk after a meal it aids digestion and helps to detoxify your system, getting rid of the toxins that can statement acne. Tip: don’t drink it with sugar, this will neutralize the worthwhile effects of the tea.

It seems that captivating blooming tea for acne is a achievement-achievement bearings… It has abounding affectionate properties which advance acceptable all-round health with babyish or no accepted side effects and for the price, blooming tea it’s definitely a herbal treatment that’s worth trying.

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Originall posted December 12, 2011