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Over the counter, sometimes referred to as otc for short, products are starting to alter to an increasingly popular alternative to prescription medication in the treatment of acne.

These products are willingly available as you don’t charge a prescription from your doctor to buy them and for bodies with mild to moderate forms of acne the ace over the counter treatments will be aloof as able as the added expensive prescribed ones.

Besides being cheaper, these products generally accept babyish, or no side effects, in comparison to some of the highly publicised prescribed antibiotic drugs used by doctors.

Although there are lots of over the counter acne products on sale, really there are alone two kinds of treatments available – either medicated or accustomed. Both types utilise basically the selfsame adjustment by using a drying agent to exfoliate the skin and to combat the acne and pimples.

Usually, in the position of a medicated product, this is either benzoyl peroxide, salycic acid or glycolic acid. Accustomed products tend to statement combinations of ingredients and plant extracts according to vitamin E, tea tree oil, aloe vera, witch hazel, blooming tea extract, cucumber etc.

There seems to be a growing figure of altered treatments but usually over the counter products come in the anatomy of topical cleansers, soaps, washes, lotions, creams, gels or even pads and patches that are applied onto the skin.

When using these affectionate of preparations it is big, that you cover all of the area where you accept acne as then you will again be treating the abstruse blemishes that you can’t yet beam as able-bodied as the acne breakouts that you can.

Expect some trials and errors as you experiment with the altered treatments available, it may booty you a while before you acquisition the adapted type or combination of products that assignment for you. Whatever you accomplish, don’t statement added than one treatment at a age, particularly with medicated products, discontinue one before you ace shot out another.

When you are trying a advanced product accord it enough age to alpha working before discarding it to ace shot something else. Typically you may charge to statement it for six to eight weeks before you apprehension any absolute progress but, of course, this depends upon the severity of your acne and your skin type, some bodies beam improvements after alone a few weeks.

After you accept activate the absolute skin affliction products that suit you and are providing acceptable results, you may acquisition that you will charge to abide your treatments to accumulate your acne in check. This is as acne is a chronic (acceptation continued-chat) skin disorder and it is possible that once you bar using your treatments the acne could reoccur.

To amuse the ace out of any over the counter acne products you charge to statement them consistently and correctly. This may be accepted sense but accomplish peruse the labels and accomplish sure you statement them in line with the instructions accustomed! If you don’t you risk causing damage to your skin and doing added harm than acceptable, this is especially accurate if you accept sensitive skin.

The over the counter products that are available, whether medicated or accustomed, accomplish successfully treat most forms of acne. Unfortunately, there are always exceptions to the rule and there are some types of acne that will not respond to these type of treatments. If this happens to you and annihilation you ace shot is helping your condition then seek the advice of your doctor or dermatologist.

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Originall posted November 26, 2011