silver bullet for acne i dont think so 2

I peruse a report recently discussing the accomplishment of the project to sequence the genome of the bacteria that is said to statement acne, Propionibacterium acnes, and how this may advance to advanced ways to treat Acne.

It fabricated me anticipate how easily we can bob to conclusions, that may not be supported by the evidence, or by accepted sense. Don’t amuse me amiss, I wholeheartedly abutment the research that the scientific community is doing in the field of Acne, and I am hopeful that it will advance to bigger treatments, or bigger compassionate of what acne treatments are likely to assignment.

The article started by saying “European scientists accept sequenced the all genome of a bacterial species involved in abounding cases of acne, and they’re already working on abeyant advanced treatments based on that achievement”. That is fine but it then continued with the assumption that having activate the bacteria which caused acne, and decoded it’s genome, it was alone a matter of age before the botheration of acne was solved.

It is a huge step to action from sequencing the genome of a bacteria involved in abounding cases of acne, to curing acne.

If a bacteria was the statement of acne, then bodies who had the bacteria would accept acne, and bodies who didn’t accept the bacteria would not. Again it would be possible to pass acne to someone else, by physical contact. It may be accurate that this bacteria is involved in abounding cases of acne, but, in my assessment, it is not accurate that it causes acne.

The acknowledged treatment of acne requires a figure of steps, and generally lifestyle changes. The acceptable statement is that in most cases acne can be cured by completely accustomed means. For added advice action to

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Originall posted February 29, 2012