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The ace road I can answer this catechism is by giving my own aboriginal hand statement. According to abounding teenagers I developed acne during puberty. Between the ages of 16 and 17 it was at its all age worst. I had blemishes on my face, chest, shoulders, and lower back. During my early twenties the acne on my face subsided, but I was still actual embarrassed to booty my shirt off.

The aboriginal acne treatment I tried were some of the popular over the counter products: Clearasil and Neutrogena. After they failed I went to a dermatologist. She prescribed Differin and Tetracycline. Differin is a cream you put on your blemishes and Tetracycline is a tablet that supposed to action your acne internally.

Six months subsequent neither helped and in actuality I anticipate they fabricated my acne worse. Not to mention the awful side effects that came with Differin. It tried my skin out to the point where it constantly itched.

Sometime subsequent I saying the Proactiv Solution infomercial on TV. At aboriginal, I was skeptical about ordering it. I had tried a couple of infomercial products in the former and was disappointed with the results, but I had tried everything else so I gave it a action.

Seven months subsequent I was virtually acne chargeless. Proactiv does assignment and it doesn’t come with all those side effects associated with abounding prescription medications.

Acne’s not a ample affair health astute, but psychologically it can be devastating. At one point I became embarrassed to action out in public and as a aftereffect became antisocial. If your acne makes you air self conscious, accord Proactive a ace shot. The self-confidence you amuse back easily pays for the cost abounding times over.

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Originall posted August 15, 2012