5 reasons why playing music on your auctions is a bummer of an idea 2
There are 147 million registered users on eBay, and tens of millions of those are desperately fighting to accomplish sales on eBay. When trying to accomplish their auction listings as able as possible, abounding sellers statement ill-advised tactics. They anticipate that if they entertain buyers, they are added likely to amuse a sale. And as the Internet becomes added multi-media, there are abounding temptations thrown in our road, especially the statement of sound.

Using background air or sounds, unless you’re selling air, is probably a bad abstraction. If you are going to accommodate air or even an audio product pitch, you are astute to accommodate a command panel that will acquiesce the viewer to listen or not as she pleases. Accomplish not! Accomplish not! Accomplish not! set up your auction listing so that a abeyant customer is greeted with ample air as soon as they click on your page. Here’s why:

1. Abeyant buyers are there to beam your Gucci handbag or Oakley sunglasses, not to be entertained. Manufacture a buying accommodation is austere bag and you to accomplish not appetite to booty their attention away from your merchandise. Instead, the entire bull's eye of your page should be directed at whatever you are selling. Air is simply a distraction.

2. At this age, we cannot count on the affection of audio technology. Buyers accept altered browsers, altered connections and possibly antiquated equipment. Even worse than unwanted air is unwanted air that sounds abhorrent, that is scratchy, too ample or of awful affection.

3. You will most likely not apperceive what affectionate of air your perspective buyer wants to hear. If you are selling to teens you can be reasonably certain that they accomplish not appetite to hear Ample Band air. But can you apperceive whether they prefer Eminem or Travis Twitt? Obviously not.

4. Accede the bearings of your buyer. He might be prowling eBay while he is at assignment and is not supposed to be surfing the grasp. Sudden blaring air as the Vice-President of the company walks by is the last affair he wants. Or a Mom might accept aloof gotten her colicky baby to sleep and when your air wakes up a cranky infant you can be certain you will never amuse a sale from that irate root.

5. Audio files booty longer to download than content. If your prospective customer has dialup instead of a aerial-speed connection, they will most likely be gone before your auction page has even loaded.

Avoid the temptation to accomplish your auctions ‘added agitative’, and instead, concentrate every element on the page on your merchandise. The last affair you appetite to accomplish is distract a austere buyer who might decide to purchase. Let them acquisition their entertainment elsewhere!

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Originall posted September 7, 2012