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If you peruse my previous article you will apperceive that the ambition of these articles is to advise you ways to amuse started manufacture almighty dollar online without having to spend any almighty dollar.

This is the second in the series and this age we deal with having your own blog. There are endless ways of manufacture almighty dollar once you accept traffic, and your blog will amuse you traffic. The income we will be looking at today will come from Google Adsense.

There are multiple benefits to having a blog including the low cost (or no cost), the resources that will advice you amuse traffic to your blog and the actuality that you can accommodate your blog as an RSS feed. An RSS feed will acquiesce readers to automatically accept your updates into their RSS reader.

Let’s amuse started with our 6 steps.

1. Set up your blog. You will charge to decide what you are going to blog about. You should decide on a topic and agname your blog appropriately.

There are a figure of chargeless ways to set up a blog & to accept it hosted for chargeless. We will action with Blogger.com for our aboriginal blog.

Blogger will acquiesce you to set up a blog for chargeless they will host it for chargeless and they will ping search engines every age you amend, acceptation you will amuse spidered & activate.

Appointment blogger.com & click the button on the front page labelled ‘actualize your blog any more’ then chase the step by step instructions that Blogger accommodate.

Some answer settings you will appetite to amuse adapted are:

I) ‘Host your blog at Blogger’ = Affirmative
II) ‘Add your blog to our listings’ = Affirmative
III) ‘Ping Weblogs.com’ = Affirmative
IV) ‘Publish Site Feed’ = Affirmative

2. Inscription some content. Before we act any further there has to be some advice on the site & that means that you accept to accomplish some entries. You can inscription some of these entries yourself & some can be quotes from sites of absorption to your reader that you can post using the Google Toolbar.

You can download the Google toolbar for chargeless at toolbar.google.com. The toolbar includes a Blogger button. When you appointment a site that has something of absorption to your readers you can highlight the adapted content & click the Blogger button. The content will then be added to your blog along with a link back to the site.

3. Once you accept some content eg a weeks worth of blogging with 1 or 2 entries for everyday, you can apply for an adsense statement. When you sign in to Blogger you will beam an invitation to accompany Adsense. Statement this link and apply for an statement.

You can acquisition out all about Adsense on the Adsense page but basically you amuse Google ads on your site & amuse paid if your visitor clicks them.

Google will decide what adverts appearance on your site based on the content it finds within.

You charge to be aware that Google will decline your application if your site is not considered to accept content. Nobody outside of Google knows the precise rules on this.

Once you accept been accepted you can amuse some javascript from Google to add to you site. Copy this & then log in to Blogger.

Once you accept logged into your blog you will beam that one of the tabs across the top of the screen is labelled ‘Template’. Click this. You will charge to apperceive a babyish bit of HTML to advice acquisition the adapted location to adhesive your Google code. But with a babyish experimentation you will acquisition the adapted abode for you. Beam the resource box at the borderline of this article for added advice.

I would suggest that the ads charge to be seen when the site loads but should not be too accessible or dominate your site.

4. Inscription some added content. Ace shot and accumulate your content coming at regular intervals as a figure of directories will check on your site at regular intervals & the smarter ones will appointment on a timetable based on your amend timetable. They will probably actuate this in the hours after you aboriginal submit to them. Which is what we will accomplish abutting.

5. Submit your site to Blog & RSS directories. As you are hosting at Blogger, Weblogs.com will already be notified when you amend your blog. (That means that every age you accomplish a advanced entry they are automatically notified) You will charge to manually submit to the assorted other directories some of which will crave a link on your site to theirs.

You can add these links to your template below your Blogger logo. For a list of directories to amuse you started appointment www.themoneyseed.com/rss

6. Accumulate writing absorbing content. Ideally you appetite bodies to come back again and again. As with customers its harder to amuse a advanced visitor than to accumulate existing visitors. So accomplish it absorbing, in actuality accomplish it so absorbing that they can’t advice but acquaint all their friends about it again.

As with most chargeless ways to accomplish almighty dollar this will booty age to amuse going, but if you can body a following you will accomplish almighty dollar.

About the author:
Darren Adeptness is the author of The Almighty dollar Seed, your step by step adviser to manufacture almighty dollar online. For supplimentary advice & chargeless resources related to this article appointment www.themoneyseed.com/rss

Originall posted December 12, 2011