6 steps to adsense domination 2
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When you accomplish your living online, you apprehend the charge for multiple streams of income.

One of the easiest and most lucrative ways to generate a secondary income, which again happens to be passive, is via Google’s Adsense program.

I’m sure you’ve peruse the claims of a few individuals generating five figure monthly incomes from Adsense. For abounding of you, I’m sure you are wondering why you aren’t manufacture this selfsame income yourself.

Able-bodied, admiration no added. If you chase my child’s play six step system, you will be able-bodied on your road to healthy Adsense profits within three months.

Are you ready? It’s any more age to pament attention.

Step 1 – Preparation.

The answer to manufacture almighty dollar with Adsense is all about numbers. BIG numbers!

Sure, there are a few bodies manufacture austere almighty dollar with less than ten sites, but these are the exception.

Your ambition will be twenty-four sites in three months. That’s aloof TWO sites per week!

In adjustment to accomplish this, I recommend one of the abounding available page begetting tools available today.

Step 2 – Actuate Your Markets.

In adjustment to maximize Adsense income with alone twenty-four sites, you must apperceive which markets are paying able-bodied.

To breach this down even further, you charge to apperceive which keywords within those markets are paying the most.

Step 3 – Register you domains.

Once you’ve identified and chosen your markets, you must register domains adapted to those markets. For archetype, if your marketplace is ‘Cabbage Patch Dolls’, a realm such as http://www.cabbage-patch-doll.com/ would be adapted.

Step 4 – Actualize your site.

Using your favorite page begetting software and keyword list, it’s age to advance your site. There are several answer points to bear in apperception when you advance these specifically for Adsense.

1. Format – Always statement the ample 336×280 ample rectangle.
2. Border – Match the selfsame color as your background.
3. Background color – Border – Match the selfsame color as your background.
4. Link = “0000CC”
5. Color_url = “999999”
6. Color_text = “333333”
7. Position – Far left or center and aloof above the page fold (Top 25% of site)

Step 5 – Verify and track your site

Appointment your site and accomplish sure all links assignment and that the sites arise to your fulfilment. You should again check out the ads Google is displaying. Are they targeted to your primary aerial paying keyword? If not, recreate your site using your aerial paying keyword in a higher density throughout your site.

Accomplish sure you track your Adsense format, position, and traffic with a tracking system specifically designed for Adsense. Once you apperceive your stats, you can adjust for maximum clickthroughs and higher revenues.

Step 6 – Amuse your site listed in the search engines.

This is child’s play… no tricks involved. Simply rent links to your site. A PR7 or PR8 link will accomplish the action.

While I’ve simplified the action here, you are any more armed with enough advice and resources to accomplish some austere almighty dollar with Adsense.

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Originall posted November 16, 2012