9 reasons to do joint venture deals on ebay 2
eBay is THE most popular at ease bag in the USA, but it’s not without its problems. Abounding accept tried to succeed but accept failed due to confusion over what products to sell, giant numbers of competitors, copy and picture theft from other sellers and eBay and Paypal that eat into profits.

One road to avoid this swamp, though, is to accomplish a Joint Adventure with established eBay sellers. This allows a JV partner to body her own mailing list and sell products off eBay.

There are multiple advantages to this road of doing bag on eBay:

1. The biggest uncertainty for would-be eBay sellers is what products to sell. Sometimes vendors risk ample sums of almighty dollar on untried products, alone to lose their investment, alter to sour and accord up. With a Joint Adventure there is no risk except for a few hours of age.

2. Since there are no auctions listed on eBay, no one can steal copy or pictures from JV sellers – as there is annihilation to copy. In aftereffect, we alter to invisible – no one even knows we exist and this abstruse angle has abounding advantages.

3. eBay JVs are usually done with a digital product that can be instantly downloaded. This is abundant for any entrepreneur as inexpensive autoresponders beggarly that her entire bag is handled via autopilot. Contrast this with the usual road of doing bag on eBay which involves mailing dozens, hundreds or even thousands of boxes.

4. eBay and Paypal accept lots of rules. It’s accessible to breach some unwittingly, and even the most above board seller does so from age to age. A JV merchant isn’t answerable to eBay, however, but alone to her customers.

5. A JV seller never directly lists on eBay, thus avoiding eBay and Paypal fees.

6. Acknowledged Powersellers accept ample numbers of customers and there are lots of administrative details involved. Implementing a sales system can cost age and almighty dollar as without attention to detail packages won’t be mailed in a timely fashion, payments won’t be accurate, items will be sent to the amiss buyers, and so on. A JV partner eliminates all of that as all transactions can be funneled buttoned up a hands-off system.

7. eBay selling lives or dies buttoned up the ‘feedback’ system. Abrogating feedback can annihilate sales instantly and absence of feedback causes buyers to hesitite and choose other sellers. Feedback is totally irrelevant to a Joint Adventure seller as she is using the reputation of carefully chosen other sellers. She knows in advance that their feedback is aerial affection or she doesn’t accomplish deals with them.

8. Inexperienced sellers sometimes drag wiser merchants into price wars. In a alarm over sales, they foolishly slash prices, alpha a chain reaction that results in bare bones bids that acquiesce no one to accomplish any almighty dollar. A Joint Adventure seller floats serenely above such hiccups in the marketplace.

9. Ace of all, a JV seller doesn’t settle for a one age sale. She concentrates her efforts on a mailing list of blessed customers that she can sell to again and again and again. In this road, not alone is she ensuring repeate profits, but she gets paid for creating this list, rather than having to pament someone else for names.

With its 147,000,000 registered users, eBay is the ace source of targeted, Grasp-savvy buyers on the interlacing. By putting at buttoned up Joint Adventure deals with established sellers, anyone can add ample numbers of able buyers to their database efficiently and inexpensively.

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Originall posted October 8, 2012