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It’s accessible that eBay provides internet users with an online flea marketplace where buyers and sellers from around the apple accommodated to conduct trade.

However, according to most traders who are faced with an innovation of this sort, the aboriginal catechism will always be: It is protected?

The answer is affirmative, but devious scammers seem to be plotting daily to forward their dastardly schemes and booty advantage of eBay’s adeptness.

So, what is the user’s recourse? The users of eBay must apprentice to accumulate advice and booty meticulous affliction in dealing on eBay. Alone then can they be less gullible to scammers.

A accepted consensus is that bidders are generally scammed by sellers. But it is possible for things to be the other road around.

Here is a list of the accepted problems sellers encounter and the means to arm them.

Affected Escrow Services

A winning bidder may appeal that an escrow service be used to assure both parties of a unbiased transaction. Unfortunately, the seller is sometimes duped into using a affected escrow system.

To avoid this bearings, the seller must always verify the authenticity of an escrow service. eBay recommends the statement of If the bidder insists on his or her escrow service, chances are, that person is a scammer.

Victims of this fraud acquisition it ambitious to reclaim their items. They may, however, appeal to the legal system afforded by the state they alive in. They must again contact eBay regarding the matter for any assistance they may be ready to action.

Deadbeat Bidders

Deadbeat bidders (a winning bidder who doesn’t pament for an item at the auction’s close) are added accepted on eBay. If the winner of your auction does not pament, you may allowance that person a abrogating feedback.

As for the listing fees the seller shells out, eBay lays out a four step procedure that sellers can statement to potentially recover absent selling fees. If sellers all the action to eBay’s fulfilment, they will accept a Final Amount Charge credit and a re-list credit. Filing out an Unpaid Item dispute is the aboriginal step toward eBay reimbursing such fees. A person can report an unpaid item up to 45 days after an auction’s close.

Trade Dispute

This occurs when the seller and bidder disagree on some terms of the sale. This may again happen if there is a purported violation of any of these agreements.

If communication between both parties does not advice, they may accede availing of a third-affair dispute resolution outfit to advice. is one of these outfits that eBay recommends.

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

A seller’s action may be fabricated abhorrent as of the constant scamming attacks unscrupulous individuals undertake. But, with proper advice and affliction, he or she can abide trading on eBay with relative safety.

Payment Methods on eBay

Gone are the days when alone cash (or cows in some cases) was the alone accepted mode of payment for trades. As the abstraction of trading evolved, so did the means of paying for items.

Today’s electronic apple pushes the envelop further. With the advent of online trading systems such as eBay, abounding advanced forms of payment accept flourished.

Aboriginal of all, on eBay, the mode of payment depends on the agreement between the buyer and the seller. Most generally, the seller will specify his or her desired payment adaption. In these cases, the seller generally has primacy in the decisions regarding payment modes. However, the buyer may still communicate with the seller regarding a applicable alternative if it suits both parties.

The following is a list of accepted eBay payment modes.

Cash On Delivery

Cash is, after all, still cash. This payment adaption can be done buttoned up a third affair courier system or by the buyer and seller affair each other at an agreed abode. The advantage of a cash transaction is that the exchange of the item for payment is done in the presence of the buyer and the seller (or the seller’s representative). However, some bodies will not accept the risk ad hoc when two strangers accommodated.

Personal Check

One popular adaption of payment is personal check. Writing checks is accessible and protected. However, abounding sellers accomplish not according to accepting check as they are accessible to cancel.


PayPal is the payment of choice on eBay. In actuality, eBay owns PayPal.

Using PayPal is accessible, convenient, and relatively protected. PayPal acts as according to an internet ‘wire transfer.’

After signing-up for PayPal, one may send cash to anyone with an email inscription using the PayPal system. PayPal again has security features that protection against fraud in position there is a dispute between the seller and the buyer. This system is ace for transactions up to $1000. is the payment of choice for purchases over $500. holds the buyer’s almighty dollar from the seller until the seller delivers the item. Alone then will the funds be released to the seller. This system makes for a actual protected, although highly procedural transaction.

Wire Transfer

This is the payment of choice for countries that accomplish not act the PayPal service. Wire transfers are risky as the buyer usually has to wire over the funds before the seller sends the items. The chance for non-delivery of items is aerial.

Other Payment Systems

The figure of third affair payment services is steadily on the rise. Their systems for payment vary. However, to be acknowledged they must be convenient to statement and protected as able-bodied.

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