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This is alone my second letter in seven or eight weeks. Sorry about that, but at aboriginal I had no Internet connection when things went amiss with my spacecraft service (I’m any more on wireless broadband)
and then I developed a certainly austere illness which I’m slowly getting over.

If you appetite to, you can peruse added on my forum I anticipate you should action there anyway, it’s a abundant community.

Incidentally the forum posts are being indexed by Google, which makes it a acceptable abode to amuse links to your websites – as continued as you’ve got something advantageous/absorbing to add that is :)

Ok, I’ll accumulate this relatively short as I’m still not action too acceptable. But I achievement that accustomed “service” has any more resumed.

1. Concentrate on what’s big…

Aboriginal of all, it looks according to I’m missed seeing a lot of advanced products since I’ve been offline.

When I visited my forum I saying a figure of programs/software being talked about that I’d never even heard of.

And, accomplish you apperceive what? I didn’t really affliction that I’d missed the products being announced.

There’s probably annihilation amiss with them. They’re most likely advantageous. They’re probably worth investigating.

But… bethink this.

It’s IMPORTANT to not amuse distracted with advanced things all the age. You could spend all your limited interlacing age learning how to statement
advanced tools, when really you should be focusing on improving your sites and your skills and your own bag.

I bethink David Garfinkel and Mark Joyner saying to me in Vegas that I should bull's eye on what I’m acceptable at (in my position writing).

And that’s what you should be doing too.

Play to your strengths.

Assignment out what you’re acceptable at/what your main interests are and accord them most of your attention and age.

Don’t amuse sidetracked by everything advanced that comes along.

Inscription down your “online bag” aim, even if it’s alone on one piece of paper. And assignment out the steps you charge to booty to accomplish accomplishment with it. Doing this will advice you bull's eye on what matters, and it will ablaze your head so that you apperceive where you should be spending your age.

Once you’ve mapped out your action steps you charge to chase them. Don’t accomplish a aim and then not stick to it. Don’t let anyone or
anything put you off. Action for it.

Don’t sign up for every crappy advanced scheme that comes along. Don’t buy every advanced piece of software or every ebook.

Accomplish what works for YOU and statement the tools that works for YOU.

And aloof action for it.

2. One of the smartest brains around…

I’m not sure if you’ve heard of him, but James Maduk is one of the smartest bag brains around. He’s been working online since 1995, writes monthly articles for Entrepreneur Magazine, and he’s an expert at online selling.

Plus he’s got added products on the marketplace than anyone I apperceive, even beating the prolific Marlon Sanders.

So why he’s not amazingly able-bodied accepted in this field I’ll never apperceive.

I’m a ample fan, especially of his member alone site

If you’d according to an introduction to his style and adeptness accept a attending at one of his chargeless weekly webcasts, where he uses “internet whiteboard” technology to amuse his messages across.

And when you’ve finished watching and listening you might fancy signing up for his affiliate program which is looks according to turning into one of the ace around.

3. Chargeless Amazon Tools…

If you’re promoting Amazon’s affiliate program here are a couple of advantageous sites which advice you automate the action.


Associatesshop lets you add an Amazon store to your site and sell products of your choice, while Addassociates provides you with code which works much the selfsame road as Google Adsense –
acceptation it “reads” the content of your webpage and displays context related products.

Of the two I prefer Addassociate, but you can’t statement it on pages where you’re running Google Adsense ads.

Anyway, they’re both chargeless and could be a advantageous addition to your sites.

4. Beginners Bit…

I amuse heaps of letters about how ambitious it is to body a acceptable looking website. But I amuse even added letters about the complexities of getting a webhost and uploading pages to it.

One child’s play road around this is to statement Site Body It! (SBI) as it offers an all-in-one solution.

The mastermind behind SBI, Ken Evoy, has been really active with SBI over the former few months, constantly adding advanced features and manufacture it easier to statement. I’ve owned SBI for a few age any more and it’s any more a far, far bigger site building tool than when I started using it. And it was acceptable then.

One affair SBI is epitome for is displaying Google Adsense ads.

To really accomplish ample profits from Adsense you charge a lot of content pages. Using SBI for these sites makes sense as once you’ve got over the learning curve it leaves you totally chargeless to
concentrate on providing that content. So you can quickly put out a lot added pages.

Plus the in-built tools advice you accumulate that content on topic, which means that Adsense can peruse that your pages correctly and affectation relevant ads.

In actuality Ken has put at buttoned up a actual acceptable info site about using SBI with Adsense. You should spend a bit of age reading buttoned up it.

5. Stuck for ideas what to body a site about?

Ace shot reading Michael Holland’s Strike it Alcove.
It’s a abundant abode to activate.

Michael’s done a abundant research action, giving you ideas for 70 altered sites, and explaining aloof what you charge to accomplish to profit from each
of them. Reading this ebook should allowance you dancing with enthusiasm.

6. As a chase on to the stuff higher up…

Accomplish you ever air according to you’re drowning in a sea of data?
Able-bodied you’re not the alone one.

I aloof checked out the online edition of The Guardian, one of the ace UK daily papers, and activate this report:

“There’s a lot of data on our adamantine disks, and there’s added accumulating by the day. The University of Berkeley School of Advice Management and Systems has aloof updated its “How Much Advice?” study. In 2002 we created over five exabytes of data, in the anatomy of video, print, magnetic and optical media — an access of over 30% a year since 1999. That’s equivalent to half a million advanced collections the size of the US Library of Congress — 92% of which was on magnetic media, and most of that was on adamantine disk.”

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Originall posted February 28, 2012