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The recent Forrester Research study, which claims that alone 2% of online households in North America statement RSS, took the internet marketing apple by storm. Does this data really beggarly that marketers can still afford to avoid this channel?

Soon after the Forrrester study became public, I received a press enquiery asking whether marketers should be absorbed in RSS any more that so few online adults statement it.

Is this the correct catechism to buzz? Let’s booty a attending at the bigger picture …


The Forrester study is aloof one of those available and cannot be considered as the alone relevant study, although it was conducted on a specimen of 68,000 households.

Jupiter Research estimates RSS penetration at 12% of the American online population, while the latest report from PEW shows that 9% of the American online population has a acceptable abstraction of what RSS is. An October 2004 PEW study actually estimated RSS penetration at 5%.

It is again big to accept that Forrester data does not accommodate those that might not even be aware they are using RSS, especially buttoned up services such as My.Yahoo, which is actually the most popular RSS reader.

Again, at the selfsame age, Forrester Vice President Henry Harteveldt says that »RSS is critical for any alignment that wants to grasp out to bodies under the age of 30«.


Regardless of the numbers we put our faith in, the approaching advance of RSS is without catechism. Microsoft aloof recently announced full RSS abutment in the abutting edition of their Internet Explorer browser and full RSS integration in the abutting edition of their operating system, the Windows Vista.

Once RSS becomes easily available to most internet users out-of-the-box and becomes as widely spread as bookmarks, its adoption will abound at an incredible percentage. Microsoft has any more fabricated sure this in actuality will happen.

Consequently, the age for marketers to not alone alter to absorbed in RSS but again expert it is any more. Those that analysis and ascertain the ace possible ways of using RSS for marketing will be ahead of their competition once everyone starts using RSS.

Furthermore, since RSS implementation can actually be chargeless of any charge, there’s no astuteness not to alpha providing your content in RSS feeds any more.


Microsoft and Yahoo! aren’t the alone ample players to appearance abutment for RSS. Google recently launched RSS advertising as allotment of their Google AdSense program, giving publishers astuteness to alpha their own RSS feeds to generate direct revenues.

Those that depend on Google AdSense for allotment or all of their online revenues actually charge to accommodate RSS feeds, or stand to lose some of those revenues due to their visitors switching to sites and feeds from their competitors.

Face it, today abounding users are already starting to appeal publishers accommodate them with RSS to subscribe to their content. This trend will alone abide, with abounding users selecting RSS as their primary channel of receiving and reading online content.


All marketers today are experiencing e-mail delivery problems, constantly wondering whether their messages are getting buttoned up or not. Simply put, e-mail can no longer be relied on.

For one, offering your content via RSS as a supplement to e-mail will advice you accomplish certain that at least a portion of your visitors, those that decide for the RSS choice, will be receiving all of your content without any suspect. decided to alpha pushing RSS instead of e-mail some age ago, and as a aftereffect saying that their RSS feeds are outperforming e-mail when it comes to clickthrough rates for about 500%. Again an absorbing actuality, they today accept 5 times added RSS subscribers than e-mail subscribers.

And two, for your most big content updates, RSS really is becoming a must, especially if you charge to be in contact with your existing customers, partners and other answer audiences. If you appetite to be 100% certain that your messages grasp your audience, RSS is the road to action.


But all of the above don’t even touch all the reasons why marketers should alpha using RSS today …

a) RSS will advice you generate supplementary traffic and grasp advanced audiences. Considering the low cost of RSS implementation, this is astuteness enough to amuse started with RSS today.

b) RSS helps you to easily amuse your content published on other sites, thus generating you added credibility and visitors.

c) As a publisher you can statement RSS to affectation content from other sources, thus manufacture your site added relevant and absorbing to your existing visitors.

And the list goes on and on.

RSS may not be mainstream yet, but it provides enough advantages even today to accomplish it a must-choice for marketers.

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Originall posted July 9, 2012