drive yourself to more ebay auction money 2
Ample ticket items are increasingly popular on eBay.

Cars are probably one of the ace examples of this.

In actuality, eBay is the largest dealer of used cars in the USA. And eBay’s car sales in the UK is again growing significantly. Every 16 seconds, a car is sold on eBay!

If you’re an eBay seller, here’s an abstraction you might according to to accede to accomplish extra cash.

The all-inclusive majority of car dealers don’t statement eBay. They advertise in the press, usually locally, and their customers likewise usually alive within grasp of the car dealer.

What eBay Motors has successfully proved is that bodies will easily on cars from owners hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

Why not booty your eBay selling expertise, and action your services to car dealers in your area?

You apperceive how to actualize auctions, booty and upload photos, and administer auctions. The dealers accept vehicles which are getting a tiny fraction of the exposure which eBay could action.

You might decide to action this to dealers on a no-cost basis. In other words, you bear the cost of eBay’s listing and selling fees. The statement here is that there is no astuteness why the dealer shouldn’t accord you the action-ahead. They could amuse a sale without cost to them and no extra accomplishment on their behalf. That’s what I call a no-brainer!

Alternatively, you could pass on the fees to the dealer on the basis that they would be spending almighty dollar anyway on press advertising.

The other commercial arrangements are child’s play. You could assignment on a commission, where you amuse a percentage of the sale price. Or you could accede a price which the dealer will accept for the sale of the car, and anything you can amuse above that price is your profit. This would assignment particularly able-bodied if the dealer has had a vehicle for some age, and has no absorption in it.

The ace types of cars to sell on eBay are those that are abnormal for one astuteness or another. It might be vintage or classic vehicles, sports cars or aerial amount models. You’re ace to avoid what might be termed “accustomed” cars. It again depends on the affectionate of dealers you accept in your area.

One of the above abeyant problems is easily handled. You can’t expect the dealer to cease trying to sell a vehicle which you accept on eBay auction. In every auction you amble for a car, you state that the vehicle is again on sale in other ways, and that you reserve the adapted to withdraw it before the borderline of the auction period. You will beam such statements on abounding eBay car auctions.

This abstraction doesn’t accept to be limited to cars. There are ample ticket item opportunities in several categories. You’re looking for retail outlets which tend to concentrate on local advertising and local trade. Examples of this would be jewelers, antique traders and absolute estate operations.

With ample ticket items, aloof one or two sales per week could accomplish a cogent aberration to you.

Worth thinking about!

About the author:
Brian McGregor is an internet entrepreneur specializing in leveraging the adeptness of eBay. He is author of ‘The eBay Formula’ on how to sell successfully on eBay age after age, and is editor of the eBay Auction Newsletter. Brian is again creator of Keyword Pro, the software which enables sellers to acquisition the top keywords by category currently on eBay. His website is

Originall posted December 19, 2012