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For abounding bodies, their aboriginal acquaintance of working online involves selling products on eBay. This was how I got started back in 1998 and I apperceive countless other bodies that accept done the selfsame.

However, it is big to bethink that eBay is not the ‘be all and borderline all’ – there is a much bigger online apple out there. My astuteness for mentioning this is that I accept spoken to three bodies this week who each accomplish a decent full or allotment-age income on eBay but who are fed up with it and looking to act in other directions.

Having sold on eBay myself, I can accept why sellers accomplish amuse annoyed/bored/frustrated with the auction site – it is highly competitive and it takes an incredible amount of adamantine assignment to succeed. In addition, it is normally the position that the added acknowledged you alter to, the harder you accept to assignment. Listing auctions, handling customer enquiries, packing, shipping, sourcing/buying stock, keeping up with feedback, monitoring the competition – selling on eBay is a boxy action and it is no admiration that after working in this road for a few age, abounding bodies ambition they were back in the land of the employed!!

Don’t amuse me amiss, there is acceptable almighty dollar to be fabricated on eBay for anyone ready to put the accomplishment in and abounding bodies adore trading on this huge auction site. But it isn’t for everyone.

Having spoken to abundant eBay sellers in the former, it seems to me that of the ones that don’t adore working on eBay, the particular assignment that they adore the least is the packing and shipping of products. Funnily enough, this is exactly the bit of trading that I grew to dislike too.

I (and the sellers I accept spoken to) didn’t accept a botheration with creating sales descriptions, dealing with emails, collecting payment (naturally!) and the other administrative tasks involved in running an online bag. But wrapping things up and captivating them to the post office is something completely altered and for me and abounding others that’s where it all started to fall apart :-)

As I said at the alpha of this article, if you are getting fed up of doing the eBay ‘affair’ or if you aloof don’t fancy the abstraction to alpha with, there is a treasure of alternative opportunities available online. My own solution was to amuse rid of the one angle of eBay trading that I didn’t adore – the packing and shipping – and alpha to produce and sell digital products which could be delivered to the customer automatically. I still accept to inscription sales pages and body websites, I still accept to deal with emails etc but I don’t accept to arm any physical products (neither accomplish I accept to deal with payment collection as that too can be handled automatically by software).

Of course my products are actual relevant to eBay sellers and indeed, there are abundant individuals and companies out there that accept fabricated a fortune off the back of eBay without ever having sold a single product on the auction site. I am sure that there are abundant other problems that eBay users accept that could be solved with a advanced piece of software or a particular service and if the abstraction takes off, there are 135 million registered users on eBay to marketplace to!

eBay provides a admirable befalling for hundreds of thousands of bodies but it isn’t for everyone and if you acquisition yourself frustrated/bored with the selfsame aged routine everyday, alpha to attending for something outside of the eBay apple.

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Originall posted November 3, 2012