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Google is at least as absorbed as you are in having your ads perform able-bodied on your site. And they’ve gone to some assignment to accommodate the advice you charge to optimize your AdSense.

What’s fascinating to me is that apparently not everyone bothers to peruse their tips. And even some that accomplish, fail to apply it.

That said, you charge to be aware that simply using their tips doesn’t guarantee acknowledged ads and decent CTR (Click Buttoned up Percentage). How abounding times accept you heard this? You accept to analysis. You accept to ace shot alternatives and beam what really works ace for you, on your pages, with your content and your visitors. Analysis, analysis, analysis some added. Track your results, analyze them, ace shot variations. Too abounding of us don’t analysis. We hear the mantra, but we don’t accomplish the assignment.

Aboriginal, let’s beam if we can amuse an abstraction about location. (The graphic is included in the article on my site or you can booty a attending at it at the Google link included below) Generally, above the fold, at the top center of your content, below top steering is the hottest location. Not immediately below which is acceptable but not certainly as ardent. In a left sidebar, to the immediate left of primary content or below the primary content are again acceptable. Most other locations are generally cooler.

Again, you charge to analysis and you charge to accede your users behavior – and their behavior may vary on altered pages with altered kinds of content. Google suggests that in some cases, such as articles, the ace location can be at the borderline of the article. To mention Google, “It’s almost as if users finish reading and buzz themselves, What can I accomplish abutting?” Able-bodied targeted relevant ads adapted there can accommodate the answer.

Don’t blindly assume that sticking a ok ample rectangle in the center above the fold will accomplish it. It may, but depending on your content, it may annoy or inconvenience your users.

Users tend to bull's eye on content, steering and to a lesser extent graphics. Positioning your ads near these elements will generally assignment able-bodied — if those ads are targeted to your visitors needs.

The top three performers among the Google ad formats are the 336X280 ample rectangle, the 300X250 inline rectangle and the 160X600 wide skyscraper. Google reports that the wider formats tend to accomplish bigger than the taller ones. One astuteness may be that these are, maybe, easier to peruse since they accept fewer line breaks and crave less eye movement. But, you charge to statement formats that fit your pages able-bodied. Once again, you charge to analysis, but redoing your pages to suit a particular ad format may not be a aloof alternative and you may ascertain that a altered format actually gets bigger results.

Any more we come to color. Conventional sageness says that colors which tend to blend into your content accomplish bigger. Some action so far as to suggest that colors which accomplish the ads attending according to allotment of the content are ace. Personally, I anticipate anybody really believes those ads are anything but ads, but who knows. Google suggests that you may acquisition that colors that standout from your content accomplish bigger – or maybe the adverse. This is certainly an area where you charge to analysis alternative color schemes. Going with the conventional sageness usually works fairly able-bodied, but without testing you could be leaving a lot of almighty dollar on the table.

Google allows you to accept up to three ad units and one link unit on your pages. If you accept continued pages with lots of content, can alone statement baby ad units or are in a alcove with a ample ad inventory, multiple units can pament off. Accumulate in apperception that the road ad serving works is that the higher amount ads are delivered to the aboriginal ad unit block encountered in your code. Always accomplish sure that this aboriginal ad unit is displayed in the ace location (yeah – analysis). You appetite the higher paying ads to be in the prime ardent location on your page. Weaker locations can amuse the lower priced ads. And if none are available, then annihilation will affectation unless you’ve included an alternate ad URL in your Google code. To maximize monetization you should be including alternate ad URLs, especially if you are putting multiple units on a page. The statement of an alternate ad URL again eliminates the possibility of being served PSAs (Public Service Announcements). It’s your absolute estate, maximize your returns.

Annihilation here is secret. Except for using the alternate ad URL, all of this advice is available from Google’s Optimization Tips page – . You can buy books and courses, appointment a dozen forums and, in the borderline it comes down to what your visitors accomplish on your site. The ace you can amuse is general guidance. This means averaged outcomes over abounding sites, abounding types of content. If you are austere about doing whatever you can to really optimize your AdSense returns, there is alone one affair to accomplish – analysis. Whether it’s AdSense, opt-ins, copy, headlines – anything with a measurable outcome that you can track – then the road to advance is to analysis and accumulate on testing.

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Originall posted May 14, 2012