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Whether you apprehend it or not you may be giving your auction visitors a astuteness not to buy your product or service. And it could be aloof the smallest of issues that will statement them to anticipate twice about purchasing from your auction. As explained in my book “eBay Marketing Wholesale SourcePak” you must remove these obstacles from your auction sales page so your visitors will alter to bidders. Below you’ll acquisition some obstacles and how you can solved them on your auction page.

Is This Seller Trustworthy?
This is a catechism that all your austere auction visitors will buzz themselves. As they accomplish not apperceive you they are going to appetite to check you out. But how will they accomplish this? Able-bodied, the aboriginal affair they would attending for is your feedback adjudjing. Feedback is a road eBay allows buyers and sellers to percentage their experiences with each other. If you accept a stellar feedback adjudjing your visitor will air you are trustworthy. Your ambition should be to access your auction feedback and accumulate it absolute.

Another road a visitor might check to beam if you are trustworthy is to click over to your about “Me Page”. The about “Me Page” is a page you can actualize in your eBay statement. It allows you to accord your abeyant bidders some background advice about you and your bag. You can again accommodate your feedback and other listed auctions on this page as able-bodied. This is where you accept a chance to acquaint your abeyant bidder about yourself and your bag, why he/she should buy from you. I would highly recommend you booty advantage of this and actualize an about “Me Page” in your eBay statement.

Again bodies may accept questions regarding your auction. So you could amuse an email asking about your product or service. You should greet this befalling as a road to appearance your abeyant bidder you are a absolute person. Booty this age to appearance your candor, honesty, credibility, and expertise in your product or service. Accommodate on your auction page an email link and acquaint your visitors that any inquires are greet.

What About A Guarantee?
You always charge some sort of guarantee for your product or service. Again it will advice to appearance your visitor you are a trustworthy bag person. Bethink that your buyer assumes most of the risk here. He/she is buying from someone that they accept never met, a product that they accept alone seen in a photo, and they must pament for that product in advance of receiving it. A guarantee that is adapted for your product or service will advice your visitor alter to a bidder.

How Accomplish I Pament?
The added options you accept for payment the added visitors will alter to bidders. There are abounding means of payment. The accustomed being PayPal. PayPal is an eBay company so having a PayPal payment button on your auction is an accessible and chargeless choice to accommodate on your auction sales page. But besides PayPal you may appetite to accede excepting other payment options as able-bodied..

What About Delivery?
Always fully disclose how your product or service is delivered and your delivery charge. Whether you are sending it via the postal service or a courier your bidder will appetite to apperceive how he/she should expect to accept the purchase and what the cost will be. You can usually approximate deliver age and cost based on advice you access from your local post office or courier.

If you answer the above questions on your auction page you will be building customer assurance and he/she is added likely to alter to a bidder. And added bidders means added profits for you!

Blessed Selling!
Joe Clare

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Originall posted January 28, 2012