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I aloof got off the phone with Michael Fortin, one of the top copywriters and conversion experts on the interlacing.

We were doing a teleseminar for our members on conversion and testing for website owners wanting added out of the traffic they already adore, rather than constantly having to advance their sites to abutment low conversion rates. Specifically, we were talking about all the things you can accomplish to analysis altered “calls to action.”

A call to action is anything you are trying to amuse bodies to accomplish on any particular site or page of a site. It could be buying a product or service, getting bodies on an announcement list or newsletter, or getting bodies to click on your advertising links.

Most interlacing publishers are so blessed when they finally accept a site up that they accede their assignment done and amuse adapted to marketing it. Once the traffic rolls in, they adore whatever sales or clicks they amuse and ace shot to accomplish added almighty dollar by driving MORE traffic to the site.

Then they alpha building another site. And another. And another.

This is a disturbing trend that is creating a massive amount of squander. Both in resources and age. Especially when it comes to alcove publishers who are building massive networks of sites on altered topics in adjustment to capture emails, generate advertising revenue, sell affiliated products and services, or to body their lists to generate backend sales to their subscribers.

The squander is generated when bodies are in too ample a hurry to body added sites, add added products, and amuse added traffic to sites that can convert sometimes 1000% BETTER than they accomplish any more.

They are moving at a hectic stride, in this plot, to body body body, when their income goals can most generally easily be met without so much squander.

One archetype of squander is when someone builds a content-dry site that has annihilation but Adsense and some links on it. Bodies hit that affectionate of site and can’t wait to acquisition a astuteness to allowance. The thinking is, “Abundant! My ‘click thru ratio’ is sky aerial! I am getting almost everyone to click on my ads!”

But here’s what’s happening in absoluteness: you are working VERY adamantine to amuse traffic to such a site, alone to “burn” it on a 35 cent click! No email capture, no followup, and most importantly no admiration on the allotment of the visitor to EVER beam your site again!

Would you rather accept someone come buttoned up your site and click immediately on an advertiser’s link, never to return? Or would you rather accept someone come to your site, peruse some abundant content, sign up for your list and not click on ANY links that aboriginal age?

I will booty plot #2 any day of the week. And I won’t accept fabricated a single penny off of that person with that initial action. But I will in the approaching!

If you accept a site that you constantly analysis and tweak for performance (beyond its adeptness to repulse your visitors into clicking on an advertisement aloof to amuse to a QUALITY site) then you accept a absolute bag.

You can analysis and track SO MANY variables to accomplish a site added profitable than it is any more. Every site on the interlacing can perform bigger than it does adapted any more. Every single one!

The bodies who accept this never bar testing their calls to action to amuse their visitors to accomplish added than something that results in a one-age action.

Traffic is the most expensive affair on the interlacing both in the age it takes to amuse it and the resources you accept to statement up for each and every hit.

The traffic you accept any more might be all the traffic you EVER charge on a daily basis to accomplish a killing with your site. You will never apperceive until you analysis and track everything about your site.

The headlines, the offers, the opt-in forms, the guarantees, testimonials, bullets, adsense placement, followup… In short, every webmaster on the grasp has a lot of assignment to accomplish on every site they own if they really appetite to reap the kinds of profits their sites are actually capable of pulling in.

Most bodies amuse a site up and are blessed with the sales or clicks they amuse and act on. NO! You are leaving so much almighty dollar on the table thinking you are done with a site adapted after you put it up.

That site is the worst it should ever be! Wasting another realm charge, hosting charge, bandwidth and the costs associated with getting traffic to a brand advanced site before you accept optimized your current site for the actual ace conversion it can pull is NOT acceptable bag practice.

I apperceive bodies who accept literally thousands of domains. And one affair I can guarantee you is this: They are manufacture a pittance, even if they are manufacture $60,000 a DAY, in comparison to what they COULD be manufacture with far fewer sites and added testing and tweaking of that smaller accumulation!

And Fortin seems to accede. He is going to be at my seminar in Advanced Orleans September 9th – 11th, 2005 to expose everyone who attends to aloof how much almighty dollar they accept left on the table over the age as they accept never tested altered aspects of their calls to action.

It is enlightening, as able-bodied as depressing to acquisition out how much almighty dollar you COULD accept fabricated all this age had you tested from the alpha!

But the point is, you cannot action back to amuse all those absent subscribers, sales, or clicks. You can alone alpha testing today to capture added almighty dollar from each site you own. Thereby alleviating the charge to accept a massive network of sites all performing at half their abeyant or much less!

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