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Kids and Online Marketing

I’m sure abounding online marketers accept kids and they generally come over to the desk when you are active working online to buzz questions according to “what are you doing dad/mom” etc.

How abounding of us actually acquaint them what we are doing or bigger yet appearance them?

I accept been guilty of being “to active” to answer questions or saying not adapted any more daddy’s active.

All this changed the aboriginal age I actually took the age to statement for to my daughter aloof exactly what I was doing.

My daughter has some “challenges” that I won’t action into here but the aftereffect of me explaining a babyish bit of what I accomplish and why to her has been no less than inspiring to me.

She took an absorption in this entire marketing affair, especially wondering why bodies buy things and what makes them buy one item instead of a agnate one.

We accept had lots of conversations about this and looked at lots of products and ads, everything from tv, ebay, online sites and even the wso’s on the forum. We’ve discussed Christmas and observed the transformation of stores and tv ads during the holiday season.

She has learned a lot about.

* Candor and honesty in promoting a product and abounding of the assorted ways to amuse the attention of the viewer.

* How a buyer that feels fooled or cheated won’t be back and will acquaint bodies they apperceive not to buy from you.

* Wanting to belong to a accumulation” – she was sitting abutting to me when I signed up for the Alliance forum and witnessed aboriginal hand how building anticipation and exclusivity can assignment.

* Selling something you are passionate about – how it won’t seem according to assignment and you will probably accept a bigger chance of accomplishment when the affection you accept for a product appearance’s buttoned up.

Soon all these evening conversations and lessons advance to Stephanie wanting her own website to sell something from.

Aboriginal she needed some almighty dollar to launch her site. At the age I was an active adeptness seller on ebay. Her babyish brother Thomas James was really into Bionicles (a toy) and was always cruising ebay looking for a deal on the latest Bionicle. One after aphotic we were at Wal-Mart and as usual in the Bionicle section with Thomas. The babyish toys were on sell at less than half price. Stephanie suggested that we could buy them and sell them on ebay. We did, we bought them all and sold almost all of them at retail or above. She helped architecture the ad and suggested posing some out of the boxes for pictures and was involved in the architecture of the auction ad. Enough was fabricated to alpha her website. Added ebay auctions followed to lift a few added dollars.

After some discussion Stephanie decided what she wanted her website to be about.

She decided on:

* The pet alcove – an area she is definitely passionate about (three dogs, hamsters, guinea pigs, fish and turtles accomplish their at ease with us).

* She picked out several private tag products and click bank products to advance.

* She chose the realm agname

* She bought the website to statement a starting point for her site (she picked it out from ebay for $25). You can beam the beginnings here. http://tomdean.grasp/Pets (it’s not finished this is aloof the starting point) but it will be up and running soon on her realm.

Her site will be online soon and will accommodate private tag products about dog affliction, click bank products, resell rights products for dog/cat recipes, articles, adsense, and two of her actual on products written for her but based on what she wanted them to accommodate. One is on buying and caring for hamsters the other is on guinea pigs and includes plans for the guinea pigs at ease and an outdoor guinea pig play box. Of course I will be the one to finish up the site and amuse it on the interlacing but the abstraction, product selection, chosen architecture and her products were all decided on by her. Anticipate of all she will be learning from this action that she is involved with every step of the road.

Abounding of her own graphics will be used on the site and in the products. She went from coloring graphics with crayons (her other affection) to picture them in a colouring program using a pen mouse that she purchased from her ebay proceeds.

All of this from dad aloof answering some questions and deciding not to add “I’m active adapted any more”.

I apperceive we all amuse active and stressed especially when that site is aloof not working out or your latest mailing didn’t accomplish much for you. But booty some age when the babyish one buzz what you are up to. You may be surprised by how much they are really absorbed in what you are doing and how much your age means to them. You will again be surprised with what they can advise you if you aloof listen.

* My daughter is 11. She is currently captivating art class and learning to haul online with a mouse pen using photo appulse and ms colouring along with getting her website ready to launch.

(A appreciative dad)

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Originall posted February 7, 2012