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For the former few age I’ve been tearing up aged books and magazines, and selling them on eBay. Other bodies’s “rubbish” is earning me $20 a age – sometimes a abundant deal added – every single day!

It’s an accessible bag and items other bodies hurl away can attract fierce bidding and incredible profits for me and other lucky sellers.

We’re selling prints and advertisements, crochet and woodworking patterns, directions books and other alcove marketplace publications, alongside hundreds added totally altered items, all taken from books, magazines and newspapers that are available in profusion and cost actual babyish.

Let’s alpha with aged prints, they’re incredibly acceptable sellers, especially popular themes according to: animals, sports (especially golf and horse racing), royalty, air auditorium artists, topographical (named locations) and children.

Actual early magazines contained lots of prints, the ace being Illustrated London Statement, The Graphic, Sketch, Sphere, and all you accomplish is remove prints carefully, trim the rough edges, parcel to protect and accomplish them added attractive, then list them on eBay.
These tips will advice you amuse started in this hugely profitable bag:

* Frame your prints for extra add-on amount. Attending for aged (antique and ad hoc) picture frames at boot and garage sales, flea markets and collectors’ fairs, and accomplish a point of visiting auctions where boxes of frames can be bought at a pittance.

* Accept atramentous and achromatic prints and engravings hand colored and mounted or framed to access the amount of even the most accepted and cheapest print.

* Accord a Certificate of Authenticity. This is simply a sheet of paper, with or without decorative border, which testifies that the print is aboriginal and taken from a specific source published on a particular date. The certificate is always taped lightly to the back of the print in the mount so that it cannot be removed and added to another print obtained elsewhere.

* Accomplish your listing for the print descriptive and accommodate details that are likely to attract bidders and be sure to accommodate words they might statement to acquisition products according to yours.

* Accomplish sure your listings accommodate age, topic, date and source of your prints.

* If your aboriginal book is adapted, add a aboriginal edition, or a limited edition, add so in your listing. To bodies viewing your listings it might accomplish the aberration between a sale and giving your product the miss.

* Booty abundant affliction removing prints from publications. We tend to accessible the book midway and fold it back on itself, manufacture it actual accessible to breach or weaken the spine and accordingly loosen the pages.

* A abundant abode to amuse affection mounts actual inexpensively is on eBay itself. Action to the search ease, appeal a search for items locally (so abounding available it isn’t worth looking continued distance), and statement keywords according to: “mounts”, “photo mounts”, and wait for a ok selection of suppliers to arise, some selling items by auction, others offering “Buy It Any more”.

* When you acquisition a acceptable supplier stick to that person and even buy their items outside of eBay without breaking eBay’s rules of course.

There’s added to it than aloof prints, you accept the pick of dozens of altered products to sell, all from aged books and magazines, and aloof a few minutes accessible assignment. Did I add “assignment”, this isn’t assignment, this is agitative stuff!

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Originall posted April 11, 2012