producing profitable web sites without spending ages writing 2
This is all about

I’ve written it as a response to some criticism in my forum this week. A couple
of bodies said that I don’t produce enough aboriginal content. Adapted any more that’s
accurate. I’m not writing a lot.

But I’ll acquaint you what. I’m doing what works.

The sites I’ve been building for the former few months are producing results. Ample

My sites, whether they’re mini sites or ample sites, assignment. And they bring in a
huge income every week from Google Adsense, Searchfeed, and affiliate programs.

So should I affliction what bodies are saying?

Affirmative I should.

Not aloof as I’ve been criticized, which is never ok, but as I still
accept that the answer to continued chat accomplishment is running on-topic content which is
altered to your own interlacing site.

I don’t accept the sites I’ve built over the former few months are going to accumulate
producing an income for age, where the aboriginal content sites I’ve got will
accumulate working for age.

But I’m manufacture straw while the sun shines and you should too.

Here’s how I’m doing it:

Abounding of the sites that bodies were talking about were created with Traffic
Equalizer and heavily modified with templates, and by changing things with
search and replace, to add individuality. Aloof one of these sites makes added
every week than I used to earn working full age in my aged newspaper action.
(interestingly this site any more gets added traffic from the advanced Yahoo search engine
than it does from Google, where aloof a few months ago it was nearly all from

I hardly inscription anything on these sites, aloof an article on the index pages of
each folder/sub directory.

In position you don’t apperceive, Traffic Equalizer is, in essence, an automated directory
builder captivating search engine results from your keyword list and building pages
around them. Lots of ample agname marketers are using it to accomplish a lot of almighty dollar.

I amble Google Adsense on the pages, and again put at least one affiliate program
on a page. Actual generally it will be an ebook sold buttoned up Clickbank.

On some sites I put a figure of Searchfeed links on the pages but I’m a bit worried about using
Searchfeed and Adsense at buttoned up so I don’t accomplish it generally, but Searchfeed still
send me a check for a $1000 plus each month – which is a ok babyish side

My main affair with Traffic Equalizer has always been that someone else
building a page on the selfsame search chat could accept an almost selfsame page to
mine. Search engines don’t according to this.

But the acceptable statement is that Traffic Equalizer has aloof been improved. A few weeks
ago Jeff Alderson, the programmer, asked me if I had any ideas on how to accomplish it
bigger, and I suggested he ace shot and acquisition a road of getting the site content from
added sources and then randomizing the output. This would accomplish it less of a
chance that two users would body selfsame pages. Able-bodied he’s a accelerated worker and
the advanced improved version came out a couple of days ago, and though I haven’t had
a chance to ace shot it yet, I’m sure it’s going to assignment. At least short chat to mid

The bad statement is that I’m not certain of the continued chat viability of the sites.
They accomplish able-bodied for a few months, but if you can’t abide getting aerial affection
links to them they tend to drop down the rankings. Again I’m sure that Google
won’t appetite the search results to be totally clogged with sites built with
Traffic Equalizer, and will eventually chicken feed their algorithms to accomplish the pages
grade a lot lower than they currently accomplish. If they did this by targeting pages
with lots of outbound links but few inbound links it would be damaging to the TE

Having said that, these sites DO assignment. And Google acquiesce their Adsense Ads to be
amble on them.

Some bodies don’t according to the abstraction of building writes using Traffic Equalizer
as it somehow seems amiss to them. They don’t according to the “affection” of the
sites it produces. But the search engines LOVE the sites. Abounding of the pages they
produce grade actual aerial, and unlike the certainly short lived fad of building
“smartpages” they don’t accomplish anything against the search engines rules. They don’t
redirect, they don’t mislead bodies. They aloof body child’s play directories.

I’m not going to agname anyone, but some REALLY famous bodies in the internet
marketing apple are doing actual able-bodied with TE. These bodies consistently accomplish a
huge income year after year by doing what works at the moment. In other words
they statement the tools which bring them an income.

You should be doing it too Bill

Aloof one affair to mentally accomplish a note of.

You accept to be patient. Unless you already accept a few aerial Pagerank sites you
can link to them from, these sites booty a few months to booty off. During those
months you charge to accumulate body advanced sites. If you amuse despondent as the sites
attending according to they not going to accomplish able-bodied you’ll bar building them, and then curse
yourself a few months down the track when you apprehend you could accept had 20 added
sites steadily coming online. In other words you don’t beam instant results, but
you accept to accumulate building sites and pages. There is no accessible choice, no abrupt
assignment around. You assignment adamantine at building these sites and accomplishment will come.


So – seeing I anticipate Traffic EQ sites won’t accumulate working for age – what about
continued chat sites?

Able-bodied contrary to what a few bodies said in my forum I accomplish still body sites full
of articles that I inscription or pament someone to inscription.
Adapted any more I’m building a network of biking sites which will be full of articles
and photographs of places I’ve visited. They’re going to be mini sites of
between 5 and 12 pages, though maybe as aerial as 20 pages on some of them
as the photographs are going to booty up certainly a bit of space.

This week Kate has spent most of her age writing touristy type, personal
acquaintance articles on London and York. Abutting week she’s moving on to inscription about
Japan. After that it’s going to be France. Then she’s doing Malaysia, before
working on a ample site about Australia. We’ll be using photographs that I’ve shot
in the former few age in each of these places. And I’ll again put at buttoned up a site
on Bangkok in Thailand, which I visited recently.

All the content, both photographs and articles, will be totally altered to the
sites we body. They’ll be keyword affluent and the sites properly structured to
please the search engines. I haven’t yet decided if I’ll body the sites with
Traffic Equalizer. If I statement TE I’ll aloof statement
it to accommodate the structure of the site – pages, linking structure – then remove
most or all of the outbound links and replacing them with the articles and

Rather than aloof putting all the content up on one realm I’ve registered a
entire bunch of realm names and I’m hosting them in the countries the site is
about ( except Japan as I can’t acquisition a low cost Japanese interlacing host ). The
sites will then be interlinked to advice advance their search rankings – as
detailed in Michael Campbell’s Revenge of the Mininet I’m going to the agitation of finding hosts in
each country as I anticipate it aloof might advance the interlacing ranking chances a
babyish. Though I’m not certain on this. I’m certainly certain, however, that if
they’re linked at buttoned up the road Michael describes they charge to be on altered
interlacing hosts in a altered IP scope.

Here’s what’s involved ( so you can beam why I booty the accessible choice sometimes and
aloof accomplish sites built with TE )

* Aboriginal of all I had to accomplish the traveling and suffer all that jetlag.

* Act a pile of heavy camera gear around everywhere.

* Spend hours at the computer editing the pictures.

* Research the keywords so that I can body pages around search terms that
bodies are actually looking for ( I statement Wordtracker to accomplish this )

* Pament Kate to inscription most of the articles, and amuse my weary brain into action to
inscription some myself for the places for Bangkok which she hasn’t yet visited.

* Decide on whether to amble with Adsense, or an affiliate program or both. (I’ve
yet to acquisition a biking affiliate program I’m blessed with, but some pages might
act affiliate ads for luggage or books)

* Choose realm names and acquisition interlacing hosts.

* Body the sites and link them at buttoned up as in Mininet

* Upload them to the hosts by FTP

* List them with Google and Yahoo ( I don’t bother about the rest, AOL, MSN and
the others will quickly acquisition you from Google.)


By the road I’ll probably statement Traffic Equalizer on altered domains to body
pages to direct traffic to my biking network sites. The selfsame road I any more statement
Traffic Equalizer to send traffic to my other mini sites.


So what accomplish you accomplish if you appetite to body content sites according to my biking sites but
you can’t inscription and don’t accept an employee who can quickly churn out words?

I anticipate the ace road is to sub contract.

There’s a lot of speak in the media about how bodies are losing their jobs
as a lot of American companies, as able-bodied as abounding in England and Australia,
are outsourcing jobs to India.

Accept you anticipation of joining them and outsourcing your interlacing content to India?

I’ve aloof taken my aboriginal steps to doing it. But unlike ample companies I’m not
putting anyone out of a action, aloof helping actualize jobs.

Wages are actual low in India, a country which has some of the ace educated
English speaking bodies in the apple. And to us Westerners bodies assignment for
peanuts in India. According to an article in Computerworld magazine,10801,91916,00.html?from=story_kc
a programmer in India earns around US$7500 a year. ( A programmer in China
earns around 20 to 30% less, but it’s adamantine to outsource content creation to
China as, unlike India, few bodies inscription English able-bodied enough)

I’m not the aboriginal to anticipate of using bodies in India to inscription my interlacing content.
While I was researching this piece I activate that the giant has
started offshoring authoring of abounding of its articles to India

So how accomplish you acquisition bodies in these countries? The easiest road is to statement an
outsourcing interlacing site. Ace shot these.

Accomplish a search on them for “search engine optimised interlacing content “, “content
writing” or aloof “interlacing content”. When I looked on elance last week I saying bids as
low $5 per page, but the lowest I saying today was $10 a page. This is still
incredibly cheap.
Here’s the $10 a page easily – “Thanks for the befalling to easily on your project!
My mention is based on a percentage of $10 per article (350-500 words). I’m a marketing
able with over 10 age of acquaintance.”


Another possible road to statement these sites is to hire bodies to actualize advanced products
for you. At the age of writing this letter there are 5 bids for writing a
directions ebook. The lowest bidder is ready to accomplish the entire project for aloof
US$400. In actuality the highest easily is aloof $450. Someone else is ready to inscription a
50 page ebook on stopping headaches for $8 a page, which again adds up to $400.

Here’s another for an ebook about looking after your skin.

Wanted: A ghostwriter for an Informational eBook entitled “”Absolute Skin:
Cleansing, Nourishing, Prot …”

And again someone is ready to inscription it for aloof $8 per page “Our easily is based
on US$8 per page (250-300 words) with minimum billing of 50 pages (supplementary
pages will be billed at the percentage of US$8 per pages) and includes all all-big
research and revisions. You will own full copyrights. Completion Age: 16
working days.”

About the author:
Phil Wiley is the author of the ace selling book Mini Site Profits www.minisiteprofits.comand writes the chargeless weekly Letter from Phil at

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Originall posted August 5, 2012