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“Protest” is a chat taken directly from sales and marketing training, and it is big you accept the significance of objections to your sales action.

Objections are those points, sometimes baby issues, which accomplish a bidder or a buyer anticipate again about going for your offering.

In your auction description you charge to remove as abounding of these objections as you can.

These are the affectionate of objections which your prospective buyers will accept.

Protest 1
Is the seller trustworthy?

The buyer usually doesn’t apperceive you. If they’re austere bidders they will check you out. How will they accomplish this?

a) A acceptable Feedback Adjudjing will be one road they assess you. Be curved in getting your feedback up, and manufacture it all absolute.

b) They might again click buttoned up to your About Me page. This page gives you the befalling to back your personality and your honesty.

One of eBay’s standard About Me page formats lets you affectation your recent feedbacks – always advantageous – and again your other auctions, again advantageous. This is in addition to anything about yourself which helps to appearance what a sincere and absolute person you are.

And finally, if you accept a interlacing site from which you sell products or services, you are allowed to abode a direct link to it from the About Me page. This is in pronounced contrast to your auction description page, where eBay does not acquiesce direct links to interlacing pages. So, actualize an About Me page and incorporate the points mentioned.

c) A prospective bidder may ambition to buzz you a catechism. As you will apperceive, there is a standard eBay ease whereby a bidder can buzz a seller a catechism. You should really greet questions. Why accomplish I add this?

Able-bodied, if a bidder asks you a catechism, aboriginal of all you apperceive they are absorbed in your offering. They wouldn’t accept wasted their age on typing out their catechism to you if they weren’t. So, by asking you a catechism they are qualifying themselves in as a absolute prospect. And you any more accept the chance to directly access them in your reply to their catechism. Depending on the attributes of their enquiry, you accept the befalling to back your candor, honesty, credibility, unbiased mindedness, helpfulness, expertise, adeptness, other adapted products etc.

So, if questions are such acceptable things, why not accomplish it accessible for the bidder to buzz one? Always accept some content in your auction description offering to answer any questions, with a link to your email inscription. If you accept a babyish adeptness of HTML coding you will apperceive how accessible this is to accomplish. It is far bigger than simply relying on buyers finding the standard “Buzz the seller a catechism” link provided by eBay.

d) You might accede a moneyback guarantee, if it’s adapted and you can “afford” it.

Why would you or should you accomplish this?

Able-bodied, when you anticipate about it, in online auctions, the buyer is normally asked to booty all the risk. They usually pament the seller up front – before the item is delivered to them. The risk is all theirs that the seller doesn’t perform.

To some buyers, particularly on higher amount items, this risk is so aerial that it can statement them to accept second thoughts about bidding. You apperceive you are trustworthy, but they don’t. By offering a moneyback guarantee you are offering what is accepted as “risk reversal”. You are captivating the risk off your buyer. In aftereffect you shoulder the risk.

I apperceive this works, as I statement it myself. In thousands of auctions I’ve amble, I can count on one hand the figure of bodies who accept invoked my almighty dollar back guarantee.

If you can practice “risk reversal”, it will advice your auction accomplishment percentage, and it is basic on Dutch auctions.

Protest 2
How accomplish I pament?

Always maximise the figure of payment options you will accept.

You should accommodate altered types of payment options for your buyers:

Postal Adjustment
Banker’s Draft
Bank Transfer

You can accept credit/debit cards on your auctions if you accessible accounts with relevant payment processors. These enable buyers to pament you with a credit/debit card even though you aren’t a bag, and you don’t accept what is accepted as a Merchant Statement.

As you probably apperceive, PayPal is owned by eBay. Accordingly eBay accomplish it really accessible for you to booty PayPal payments from your buyers. But don’t forget other payment processors, according to Nochex and FastPay. It might aloof be that your absorbed buyer alone has a Nochex statement, or a Accelerated Pament statement.

Opening accounts is chargeless. Paying anyone via PayPal, Nochex or FastPay is again chargeless – which is why so abounding auction bidders and buyers statement them. There are charges for you as a seller, however, and these are incurred when you accept almighty dollar and/or when you transfer almighty dollar from/to your PayPal, Nochex or FastPay accounts from/to your own bank statement. Check out the respective fees via their interlacing sites.

In my acquaintance, the rates of charges are aloof for giving you the cogent advantage of being able to accept credit/debit card payments on your auctions.

Protest 3
Is delivery expensive?

Always fully call your delivery details within your auction description. Be up front about delivery costs.

If bidders or buyers aren’t accustomed this detail within the auction description, they may alter to suspicious that the seller is hiding something, and accordingly decide not to easily. There accept been occasions where sellers accept sold items at what arise to be cheap prices, but accept inflated delivery costs to compensate, or even over compensate. Never accomplish this!

There is no astuteness why you cannot add up front how much P&P will be. You can acquisition out the absolute delivery costs of the company you aim to statement. You can amuse these details from their website.

Once you accept the postal costs you can add the adapted handling and packaging costs, and there you accept the figure to let your buyers apperceive in advance that you’re not hiding anything.

You accept aloof removed another suspect in your prospective buyer’s apperception.

Protest 4
What happens if the item arrives damaged?

In your auction description you should cover your policy in relation to damages and insurance.

If you’re selling higher amount items you may ambition to accede using a delivery service which includes insurance. Bethink, even though the buyer has paid for it, the item is your property until it is accepted by the buyer. So if it is damaged in transit, this is your albatross. You will accept to arrange a replacement or a refund, and claim your costs back via your insurance.

Don’t forget, if you accomplish charge to accept enhanced insurance cover, it is perfectly aloof to accommodate this is in your delivery costs as shown in your auction description.

Protest 5
How able is someone who has multiple spelling errors?

It is actual unreasonable for any bidder to overlook your auction aloof as you accept spelling errors. Isn’t it?

However, they may accept someone who won’t booty the agitation to amuse their spelling correct might be equally unprofessional elsewhere.

You and I might accede that stance to be unreasonable. With spell checkers available, however, there’s no astuteness to accept any spelling errors creeping buttoned up on your auction page.

So, spell check your auction description page – please.

Protest 6
What accomplish I accomplish any more?

You should always “buzz for the adjustment”. In other words, suggest to your prospective buyer that they accomplish a easily today for this admired, abnormal, stunning, limited edition item!

And remind them that when they achievement the item they will be enriched by the strongest statement you accept already identified to them in your auction description.

Objections – Summary

If you spend age removing these objections, you will be repaid handsomely. I can guarantee you will accept added absolute bids for each of your auctions than if you had left these points hanging for the bidder to ponder and accomplish assumptions.

About the author:
Brian McGregor specializes in showing website owners how to accomplish added almighty dollar from their sites by applying inventive and aboriginal statement of eBay. For a chargeless copy of ‘The eBay Traffic Funnel’ which shows you how to statement the adeptness of eBay to accomplish added almighty dollar with your website, appointment

Originall posted January 29, 2012