the dangers of making your business to dependent on ebay 2
eBay presents a abundant befalling for baby businesses to alter to actual acknowledged, but putting all your eggs in one basket has never been a acceptable abstraction, even when the basket is eBay.

If you are currently manufacture a living on eBay it may be astute to accede opening up other avenues of income for several acceptable reasons.

One astuteness is that eBay has the adapted to cancel all your listings at any age at their discretion. This is not arbitrary in the sense that eBay has to accumulate an eye on infringing listings to accumulate the marketplace safer for all. Alone affair is that if you accept no other source of income and for some astuteness you are suspended, your almighty dollar stops adapted there.

Another agency to accede is the rise in eBay fees. With abounding other platforms any more offering cheaper ways of getting your product seen it is acceptable to amuse involved with as abounding as your age allows. Attending towards companies according to Yahoo Auctions, Froogle, Overstock and uBid to broaden your exposure and presence online.

It is again chief to accede paying for some interlacing-hosting to setup your own website to sell your products from. The advantages to having your own website are abundant but the main affair is that you accept all ascendancy over what you can publish and sell and obviously there are no eBay fees involved.

The grand abstraction should be a multi-realm bag that is inter-connected and sends traffic from your eBay AboutMe page straight to your assorted websites. There is a admirable adjustment taught by Jim Cockrum in his eBook “The Silent Sales Appliance Hiding on eBay” to funnel the millions on eBay users to your own website. To apprentice added about this adjustment appointment

Statement eBay in the adapted road to accomplish sure you accomplish not lose out on admired prospects and leads that could be generated from the hundreds or even thousands of visitors that appointment your eBay listings but accomplish not easily or buy. This is using eBay the acute road, as allotment of your bag, not your alone bag. Accede eBay as simply one added (actual acceptable) channel of income.

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Marius-Henk van Dyk is a acknowledged eBay Powerseller and editor in chief of, a site dedicated to all those absorbed in getting the most out of eBay. Appointment chargeless eBay Buying and Selling eBooks.

Originall posted November 30, 2011