the power of dogs 2
Able-bodied aboriginal of all I was always a cat owner, till my husband bought our aboriginal Chihuahua (Stitch) in 2002, Stitch was about 6 weeks aged and was generally purchased for our children and it stud that was till he was about 5 months or so. Then I started to apprehension that he was starting to favor me and chase me around added and added everyday, one day I hid from him and watched him amble up and down the hallway from the crack in the bedroom door, until he activate me and it aloof melted my affection, my cats never did that and after that he became ALL MINE Stitch stole my affection. Around a month subsequent my brobdingnagian handed down her aged sewing appliance to me, I tried manufacture everything that came to apperception but annihilation ever turned out absolute, but I kept sewing anyways.

Shortly after I got my sewing appliance my sister in-constitution gave me a babyish dog shirt that she had activate on clearance at Walmart and I looked at this babyish affair and said “ this would be a piece of cake to accomplish” and that actual after aphotic I began working on babyish shirts for Stitch. It was a actual agitative claiming and the results were a-1! Stitch always had a advanced shirt for every age, then one day that selfsame sister in-constitution told me that I should ace shot selling my dog shirts on eBay. So about a month subsequent I did as a matter of actuality it I listed my aboriginal item on my birthday, at that age dog clothes on eBay was alone about 3 pages continued so no matter what I listed, it always sold. Stitch became my adapted hand man, and tested and modeled all of my creations and never complained. We had such a close bond that I understood him and knew what he wanted by aloof looking at him and he always understood what I told him and sometimes it would aloof blow me away.

None of my items would sell for over about $10 but that was a lot for me and I was appreciative, eventually I started manufacture dog dresses, it took some fine tuning but I finally got the design adapted. So as the months passed Stitch became my ace acquaintance, my companion and a actual close member of my family, we were inseparable and I never left him at ease. Meanwhile had activate accomplishment on eBay but the dog clothes section was starting to abound added every week, competition was getting rough and some of my listings were ending without bids. I started to be added artistic and put added accomplishment into my clothes and accomplish a lot of research on what affectionate of dog clothes bodies were looking for so I started to study websites that sold baby dog clothes and activate out that dog clothes according to mine were selling for twice as much without the haste of re-listing and fees.

I started thinking about opening up my own website and started out with the chargeless 2 page ones and I did amuse a purchase or two from my eBay customers but at that age I was again selling my shirts for a frugal $6. I did amuse annoyed of alone having 2 pages for my clothes, I wanted to be added able, since I was manufacture extra almighty dollar from eBay so I invested it into a absolute website, It did booty a lot of assignment to body and even any more I’m still spending abounding hours a week on my current site but it’s worth it.

I finally had my aboriginal absolute website and shortly realized that traffic doesn’t come automatically so here I action again, doing hours of research on website promotion till I activate and hired a company to submit my site to a certain figure of search engines for about $40 a month, I anticipation that’s all I would charge but I was so amiss. I finally activate Overture, signed up and before I advanced it, I was doubling the income that I was manufacture on eBay WITHOUT THE FEES, I canceled the monthly submissions. In 2004 I learned of Adwords, signed up and started to triple and sometimes quadruple my income in a day and haven’t sold on eBay since.

I owe it all to Stitch without him, none of this would accept ever materialized, he played so abounding basic roles in this bag and after all changed my action, without Stitch there would be no Princess Petwear.

Stitch passed away on 12-23-04 at 3 age aged and I accept yet to bar crying over his memories.

Its 2005 any more and the dog clothes selection on eBay is any more up to 50 pages continued, I any more assignment for my bag 40+ a week and accede myself a assignment-at-at ease-mom with 4 kids, ages 13, 11, 7, 2. I still miss my Stitch, I always grasp myself daydreaming of him remembering how soft his fur was and how I loved to rub my check against his face, I again acquisition myself reminiscing on how would baby speak him and shower him with kisses and hugs, then I rub the tears from my face and amuse back to assignment.

About the author:
Author Eva Sanchez founder of, online seller of baby dog clothes for boy and babe dogs, which includes, pet sweaters, formal dresses, doggie swimsuits and added. Let your dog air adapted every day in our affordable casual collection.

Originall posted January 12, 2012