6 ways to leverage technical articles

Technology vendors generally contribute bylined articles to trade journals. The articles are abundant exposure for these companies but they don’t come cheap – the trades seldom pament for these articles but the vendors spend age and resources to assign pieces, inscription them, approve them and submit them. Your PR agency can advice your clients leverage their investment by wringing top amount out of these articles. Here are some possibilities:

  1. Reprints
  2. Achromatic papers
  3. Product briefs
  4. Booklets
  5. Speech outline and handouts


It’s appealing vexing to contribute a byline to a publication, alone to turn around and spend above bucks for reprint rights. But reprints are acceptable things: they significantly access your client’s exposure to the marketplace. Accomplish sure you statement the reprints anywhere you can, including press kits, presentation handouts and conference booty-aways. Post them on your site too. Even if you haven’t paid for electronic rights you can probably link to the publication’s URL, assuming they’ve posted your article online. (It doesn’t aching to buzz.) If you’ve got digital reprint rights and are posting the article on your client’s site, avoid using a scanned adamantine copy of the printed article – the resolution is bad off and not actual readable. Actualize a .PDF file and statement that for posting and downloading.

Achromatic Paper

Please don’t statement the published article as is for a achromatic paper — even if you retain all rights it’s shamelessly self-plagiarizing, and if the publication retains all rights it’s rather criminal. However, you can statement the article content to anatomy the technology section of a achromatic paper. Edit for length as all-big and re-assignment the content to accent your client’s product and technology booty. Then add achromatic paper elements according to a alpha executive summary and a botheration statement. Chase these with your technology section, and then add details on how your client’s product will solve the botheration, a customer position study, and a conclusion on how abundant the product is. (You can always switch the adjustment by writing a achromatic paper aboriginal, then editing the technology section into a bylined trade statement article.)

Product Briefs

The article can serve as a abundant basis for expanded product briefs – add the front and back of an 8-1/2×11, or a longer mechanical brochure. Edit the article for length and jazz up the content, and you’ve got a solid technology basis for the marketing document. (Acceptable marcom can statement for what a NAS gateway is, but not by yammering about “enterprise-wide able data management portals.” Puts readers adapted to sleep.)


One of the ace press kits I ever saying included a sharp and informative booklet on the vendor’s technology. The booklet explained the general technology’s adding to and background, presented the vendor’s product, and listed ablaze customer advantages. It impressed both journalists and customers in a road a press release or even a achromatic paper wouldn’t accept done. Booklets are labor-intensive, so statement your trade statement article as the basis for writing your own.

Speech Outline and Handouts

Statement existing articles as the basis for client speeches and presentations. Since trade statement articles are usually vendor-neutral, they’ll assignment as-is for agnate talks. When the presentation is about a product you can still statement the article outline for the background technology and analysis then add product details, customer position studies, and Q&A’s. You can statement article reprints as a handout, or turn the outline into speaker’s notes and statement that instead.

If your client gulps at the cost of developing a trade statement article, don’t allowance them gasping for breath – list all the ways they can leverage it to access marketplace exposure and profits.

Christine Taylor is president of Keyword Copywriting, which helps marketing and PR pros leverage their relationships with technology clients. E-mail her at www.keywordcopy.com

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