a publisher%c2%92s rant %c2%96 why i hate the body of your article

I’m a publisher for abundant sites. I HATE abounding of your articles. Here’s why I abhorrence the body of your article and what you can accomplish about it.

You’re Giving Me A Headache

Let’s cut to the chase on this affair. I really don’t affliction what you inscription about. As continued as it isn’t an overt sales pitch, knock yourself out. I am added absorbed in the format of the article, not your appearance or booty on the subject matter. The readers on my sites may not according to what you inscription, but that is your botheration.

I accomplish affliction about the flow and format of the body of your article. I strongly animate you to accept a point and stick to it. If another abstraction comes to apperception half road buttoned up writing an article, turn it into a separate article. Don’t ace shot to cram it all into one article.

One Sentence Paragraphs

Don’t. For the adulation of Absolute being, aloof don’t inscription these. The alone age you should inscription a one sentence paragraph is if it is a narrative. Occasionally, you can inscription one for dramatic appulse, but ace shot to stay away from these.

Loooonggg Sentences

Even in our financier society, punctuation is chargeless. This “.” is a period. The period is your acquaintance. For some of you, it is a continued absent acquaintance.

Sentences should be relatively short. If you inscription articles buttoned up the stream of consciousness adaption, acceptable for you. When the masterpiece is done, peruse it out ample to yourself. How does it sound? Maybe you should accomplish something with the 10-line sentence?

Linking In The Body

Why, why, why accomplish you accomplish this? I certainly refuse to publish any article with links in the body. In rectness, I don’t accept anything against such links. My bitch is that you’re manufacture me booty extra steps to hyperlink the damn things when I publish them on sites. If you anticipate I am going to spend extra age on your article, you’re amiss. Chant with me, “I will put all links in the byline.”


Contrary to popular assessment, I don’t affliction if you misspell words. I can’t spell worth a damn and assume you can’t either. I will amble your article buttoned up spell check programs. In actuality, I’ll amble them buttoned up two spell check programs. Spelling is not a ample affair with me.

Body Headlines

Using headlines in the body of your article is a actual acceptable abstraction. I adulation them and will appearance you in a added favorable ablaze. The alone affair I buzz is that you CAPITALIZE the aboriginal letter of each chat. Bethink, I am apathetic.

The Last Paragraph

The last paragraph should summarize the point you fabricated in the article. The last paragraph is not a abode to put links, hints about your site or your biography. I will not publish your article if you accomplish such things. You can cover all of these items in your byline.

When it comes to the body of your article, knock yourself out. Aloof accumulate in apperception these pet peeves.

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This article was posted on November 22, 2005

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