a publisher%c2%92s rant %c2%96 why i hate your articles

I’m a publisher for abundant sites. I HATE abounding of your articles. Here’s my bombast and what you can accomplish to chicken feed my apperception.

Don’t Send Me Your Articles

Aboriginal of all, don’t send me articles. I alone booty them from directories. The aim of this article is to accord you a bigger abstraction of what I’m looking for in articles. It is not to actualize an assault on my email statement.

You’re Killing Me

Okay, “abhorrence” is able chat and I probably shouldn’t statement it. It is, however, the chat that comes to apperception when I blow an hour in an article directory trying to acquisition usable articles!

As an Internet marketing firm, we beef up client sites by adding article content. This means I arm the article sections of added sites than I ambition to admit. As of this, I spend most of my age hunting for acceptable articles. By “acceptable articles,” I am talking about articles that are formatted and arranged in a road that makes them ready for publishing. I am NOT talking about what you inscription, aloof how you adjust and format it.

Building article pages on sites is a tedious action. If dealing with your article is going to crave me to accomplish a lot of modifications, I will not publish it. Added so, I will NEVER attending at your articles again. Despite your captivating headline, I will simply bypass it as soon as I beam your agname. Whether you apprehend it or not, you accept a reputation with webmasters, publishers and editors.

But I Charge You

I hunt buttoned up article directories as I charge your content. Advanced content equals blessed visitors for the sites I assignment on. With the exception of a few of you, however, I loath the actual ground you airing on as you accomplish my action miserable. Affirmative, miserable. The botheration I accept with your articles is you actualize them in a style and format that makes my teeth grind. Again, I am not talking about WHAT you inscription about, aloof HOW you put it at buttoned up.

When I attending for articles every two days, I am trying to acquisition something I can slap onto the sites as quickly as possible. This means your article should be formatted to accomplish meta tagging and hyperlinking as accessible as humanly possible. Accumulate in apperception that I am publishing hundreds of articles a day, not one or two. Age is at a premium. If you accomplish the action accessible for me, I will snap up articles as accelerated as you can post them.

Why Should You Affliction

You should affliction about my gripe as abounding of my peers air the selfsame road. When we amuse at buttoned up, bitching about your articles is a popular subject. That hurts you from both a readership and link building perspective. You appetite to amuse publicity from your articles and we appetite to accord it to you. Comply with our demands and we will adhesive you all over the grasp. Don’t and you can analog analog watch the proverbial tumbleweed abide to roll by your site.

Any more, you’re probably thinking none of this applies to you. In rectness, I suspect it applies to 90 percent of the authors publishing in directories. Affirmative, this is even accurate for the authors publishing hundreds of articles.

I am going to publish a series of articles on this subject all at once. These articles will cover in detail what I appetite to beam in each section of your article. I pray that you will peruse them and ease the misery of all of us lowly publishers.

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Halstatt Pires is with the Internet marketing firm – http://www.marketingtitan.com – a San Diego Internet marketing and advertising company.

This article was posted on November 21, 2005

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