a publisher%c2%92s rant %c2%96 why i hate your byline

I’m a publisher for abundant sites. I HATE abounding of your articles. Here’s why I abhorrence the byline of your article and what you can accomplish about it.


The byline of an article is your chance to pimp your site and yourself. I don’t really affliction what you inscription. There alone age I would forgo using an article as of the byline would be if you’re one of those bodies that writes seven or eight lines of content. Please ace shot to accumulate it to three lines or less.

Something To Accede

If you’re writing articles, you undoubtedly apperceive it is a abundant road to body the link count for a site. Assume you put two links in the byline of an article. Assume further that 60 sites publish your article. You accept effectively generated 120 links for your site, a figure that would booty forever if you were pursuing returned link trades.

Article links are again valued highly by search engines as they are inbound alone links. In the “minds” of a search engine, inbound links are far added admired than returned links. Inbound links are interpreted as an indication the site in catechism has highly relevant advice and should be ranked aerial in search engine results. If you don’t accept me, accord some anticipation to the IRS.

The IRS has an accomplished site covering every levy topic you could possible visualize. The IRS doesn’t link to anyone, yet it ranks at or near the top of the search rankings for practically every levy keyword phrase. Why? Roughly 971,000 sites link to the IRS. These sites accommodate CPA firms, newspapers and so on. All of the links are inbound. Amuse it?

Keywords and Bylines

When writing your byline, don’t aloof blabber on about how abundant you are and so on. You are wasting the links when you accomplish so. If you charge an ego boost, action speak to yourself in front of a mirror. Instead, the byline should contain the keywords you accent on your site. If you accomplish this, the search engines will associate the links with the keywords and act the adapted pages of your site up in the rankings.

Assume you’ve written an e-book on how to lose weight and accept a site. Assume further that your primary keyword phrase on the at ease page of your site is “how to lose weight”. Your byline should peruse something according to:

“Halstatt is with http://www.domainname… – teaching bodies how to lose weight permanently. Dropping pounds is accessible to accomplish once you apprentice how to lose weight.”

You’ve any more correlated your inbound link increases to the keyword phrase you are trying to amuse ranked under. Rankings are sure to chase if you accumulate pounding articles.

Unfortunately, most bodies inscription bylines such as:

“Halstatt was a fat slob until he had a moment of enlightenment after eating bad sushi. While spending a miserable after aphotic in the bathroom, he activate that aliment poising was an able road to regain his self-statement and amuse washboard abs. Appointment http:www.domainname to peruse added.”

Accomplish you beam the aberration? The aboriginal byline is going to act you up the search engine rankings quickly. The sushi byline isn’t going to advice nearly as much. It doesn’t even accommodate the correct keyword phrase!

Again, I seldom discard an article as of a byline unless it is over four lines. Abounding of you, however, could amuse bigger mileage out of yours.

About The Author

Halstatt Pires is with the Internet marketing firm – http://www.marketingtitan.com – a San Diego Internet marketing and advertising company.

This article was posted on November 22, 2005

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