advertising and generate new website traffic

Here’s a child’s play road to statement “No Results, No Pament” radio advertising and body traffic for your website.

Step #1 – Compassionate “PI” – Per Inquiry Advertising.

Radio has a altered advertising format accepted as “PI” or per inquiry advertising.

“PI’s” main statement is that your commercial is aired and you ONLY PAY for inquiries phoned into the station from listeners !

Inquiries are in the anatomy of callers asking for added advice.

The radio station counts each caller, and re-directs them to your interlacing site inscription.

Step #2 – How To Alpha a “PI” Campaign.

Acquisition a acceptable directory of all commercial radio stations where you intend to advertise.

Some specimen Internet resources : – UK – USA – International

Other online resources can be activate by searching for keywords according to “Radio Directories.”

Alternatively, appointment your library and in the references section buzz for the Yearbook of Independent Local Radio Stations.

Note details such as :

  • Ad employer’s names,

  • Telephone numbers,

  • e-mail addresses

  • Programming and schedules

Listener profiles:

  • Age,

  • Income,

  • Female,

  • Location.

Step #3 – Decide on Strategy and “Wanted Response.”

Before you contact the radio stations, be ablaze on strategy, goals and accept your draft commercials in outline.

* Are you advertising a product action at your website ?

Specify product details fully to avoid paying for “tyre kicker” inquiries.

* Is your “Wanted Response” to body an opt-in list ?

Decide how you will entice visitors to your interlacing site. Will you action FREEBIES, or a competition of some sort ?

* Are you advertising for marketplace research purposes ?

Acquaint listeners how and why they should participate.

* Decide how much you are prepared to pament per inquiry.

Step #4 – Statement Your Strategy To Body A “PI” Proposal

Two aims in this step :

  • Accomplish it as accessible as possible for the station to timetable your commercial.

  • Negotiate the lowest Per Inquiry cost during the ace advertising age slots.

Accumulate in apperception :

  • Listener profiles you appetite to grasp.

  • Times you appetite your advert to action on air.

  • Which commercial will ace deliver your “Wanted Response”.

Inscription to the ad employer by e-mail or accustomed mail. In your letter :

  • Introduce yourself.

  • Inform them this is a “PI” Per Inquiry advertising proposal.

  • Inform them you of what you are trying to accomplish, consult to your strategy.

  • Detail your product or service prices and how much you are considering paying for each inquiry.


If your “Wanted Response” is not selling a product, you must pament for inquiries out of your “own pocket”. Negotiate a eager cost per inquiry !!

* Statement for how you will arm all the administration

For instance writing the commercial Outline, handling product fulfilment, dealing with refunds and product abutment questions.

Depending on your negotiation skills and size of Radio station you might be able to assignment a deal where you alone pament for *Converted Inquiries*.

This is practically *FREE* advertising, as you alone pament for referrals once a sale is fabricated !

Step #5 – How To Deal With Radio Ad Managers

If you accomplish not hear back within a few days, call the station.

Commercial radio is a active environment. Be prepared to statement for yourself and answer questions quickly and clearly.

Radio ad managers are always looking for advertisers. That is their action and advertising fees are the lifeblood of Commercial Radio.

However, “PI” is not the alone almighty dollar earner for stations, so be prepared for a polite but air-conditioned reception.

If this happens, pick another station and alpha the action again.

The rewards of a acknowledged “PI” campaign will pament back your accomplishment abounding times over.

Step #6 – The Commercial Ad

Inscription your commercial’s outline to maximise your “Wanted Response.”

Inscription the outlines for at least two 30 second, and two 60 second commercials.

Writing commercials for broadcasting is actual altered to writing ad copy for printed media. However, stations will advice you by captivating your outlines and turning them into finished commercials for a charge.

Alternatively, if your copy writing is acceptable and you accept age to tweak it for broadcasting, then accomplish it yourself.

Listen to the station’s ads, jingles, and grasp phrases and pre-document your own following a agnate model. Buzz algid bodies to listen to your ad and accord you critical feedback.


When disc for radio you may or may not appetite to statement your own articulation. Radio stations accept “Voices” to document your commercial for a charge before it goes on air.

They again accept royalty chargeless air to accommodate with your ad.

Accomplish your commercials memorable, with ablaze contact advice for listeners to chase up on.

When such ads action on air during relevant programming, you cangenerate considerable traffic.

In closing, “aloof accomplish it” and apprentice added than I can appearance you in a brief article.

Radio is generally overlooked by online advertisers, but it can bring acceptable results depending on your “Wanted Response” and at a surprisingly low cost.

Ad Managers are tasked with maximising revenue for the broadcaster. They are flexible and as continued as you authenticate a financial statement to the station, they will listen to your “PI” proposal actively.

This is acceptable statement for you as for minimal outlay and sometimes for chargeless you can drive affection traffic to your site, product and services.

“PI” is the lowest cost anatomy of broadcast advertising. Accomplish this a advanced allotment of your overall advertising strategy.

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Originall posted July 23, 2012