advertising cost reduced to zero

At the bottom of this article you will acquisition my “sig file”. I attach it to every article that I inscription. As you can beam it bears my agname, interlacing-site inscription and e-mail inscription.

This is not done out of vanity, or a admiration to beam my agname in print. It is done as it costs me annihilation. When I submit my article to an Ezine or other publication, I accomplish so on the condition that the article be re-printed in its’ entirety.

This means that the company that re-prints my article sends it to their subscriber base, at no cost to me, and even bigger that the publication considers my assignment to be authorative.

What accomplish you apperceive, I’m an “expert”, at least to the entire subscriber list of the Ezine in catechism. If I were not an “expert”, the publisher would not re-print my article !!

Every age I beam one of my articles re-printed, I beam an immediate access in my own subscriber base, as bodies who did not previously apperceive me check out my interlacing-site, and click buttoned up on one or added of the banners there.

The aftereffect is a Marketers’ air castle come accurate. Abeyant buyers at certainly no cost to me.

I inscription the articles in catechism for my own statement in my “Independence Day Ezine”, so I would accept to expend the age and accomplishment anyway, and the actuality that I can statement them as an active allotment of my Marketing Campaign is a huge bonus.

I recommend most strenuously that you alpha to inscription articles if you accept not already done so, and accomplish sure to attach your own “sig file”.

This admired piece of chargeless advertising should be attached to every piece of e-mail that you send out, as able-bodied as each article.

I can beam you sitting there reading this and saying to yourself, “it’s all adapted for him to add inscription an article, but I don’t apperceive how. I’ve never tried.”

It’s accessible, once you apperceive how.

Aboriginal accessible a advanced file in whatever chat pro- cessing system you normally statement. There, a ok blank page. All you accept to accomplish any more is fill it up.

You charge a subject for your article. “Marvellous”, you add,”I all ready knew that but what can I inscription about?”

Examine your action carefully and accomplish a list of all your experiences to this point. Here is aloof allotment of mine:

I was born and bred in the North of England Started in the Direct Mail bag selling collectibles to Soccer fans.

Served in the Manchester City Police Arm

Emigrated to Canada

My aboriginal absolute action was driving a City bus in Vancouver

I sold Action Insurance

I ran a tele-marketing centre

I am married

I accept two children, one boy and one babe.

I accept had my own retail bag (Electronics)

I absent the bag when I was diagnosed with Cancer.

I underwent Cobalt radiation treatment for 6 months.

After I recovered I was a Bag Management Consultant.

Until I had a affection advance, while shoveling snow (brainless !!)

The cardiologist forbids me to assignment as I could suffer another advance, if I am under too much stress.

I started my own on-line bag in Internet Marketing.

I had to accomplish something to retain my sanity.

That’s a limited list, it tells you annihilation of my hobbies, areas of expertise, likes or dislikes, as I wanted to accumulate the list short enough that I didn’t lose your absorption.

Choose one of the items on your list, type it on the blank screen, and then aloof sit and type out whatever comes into your head.

Accumulate going until you can’t anticipate of anything else to type. Don’t correct your spelling errors or punctuation. Don’t second guess yourself and re-inscription anything. It doesn’t matter whether all this typing is manufacture sense or not.

When you’re finished, save the file and booty a breach.

Re-accessible the file and proof-peruse what you’ve aloof written. Check the spelling carefully, and smooth out any awkward passages. Correct the punctuation and spacing where needed.

Congratulations, you’ve finished your aboriginal article.

Accomplish you anticipate I could inscription an absorbing article about sailing across the North Atlantic, from Liverpool to Montreal, via Quebec City, in the mid 1960’s ?? Or the three day train ride across Canada from Montreal to Vancouver, on the West Coast ?? Or any of the other facts on my list ??

Could I acquisition someone who was ready to re-print such an article ??

There are tens of thousands of Ezines on the Interlacing, covering every area of human acquaintance. They all accept one affair in accepted. They are looking for, no desperately seeking, affection content for their publications.

When your article is finished to your satis- faction, search the Interlacing for 10 Ezines that cover the selfsame area of absorption as your article.

E-mail the editor of each one and inquire if they accept unsolicited articles for re-print. No matter which ten you choose at least five will reply encouraging you to submit your article.

You’ll never be at a loss for a subject again. As proof please be resonant on the actuality that I accept aloof finished an article on how to inscription an article.

It took me thirty minutes.

Until abutting age

Martin Cargill

Martin Cargill has his website at and gives a FREE mini-course at This and his newsletter ” Independence Day Ezine ” are available FREE on an opt-in basis alone.

After over 40 age in Direct Marketing, I am trying to come to terms with that “advanced-fangled” internet. It’s a steep learning curve, but I’m getting there. I can action you the chance to apprentice from my acquaintance (and mistakes), and the ace of the interlacing guest articles and interlacing resources.

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Originall posted November 4, 2012