an appeal to the bloggers

Blogging is acute an art. Blog sites are the nicest portals which accomplish advice bodies to unfurl their inundating apperception streams, in umpteen aspects and share their ideas and experiences. It satiates several yearning hearts by being a platform for unleashing the artistic potencies from within, in writing reviews, articles, poems, stories, etc.

Personally, I’ve been craving for such a affair for a substantially continued period, until my student and above that my acquaintance, Mr. K. Rakesh, There is ample scope for registering our stuff, which might be of mammoth statement to abounding others. To publish and subsequent tweak it to the anticipated levels of perfection and subsequently seeing the transition for ourselves is an ethereal acquaintance! I achievement abounding of you apperceive this bigger than me.

My apprehensive plea is alone this – please don’t statement blogs for perverted purposes or unlawful intentions. There are lot added areas for such things. Spare blogs!

Certainly blogs are again for amusing and frolic, but within the bounds of acceptability.

May it be a perpetual source of inspiration, nurturing sensational writings that vibrantly serve humanity, acquiescent returned agreement and international candor in a broader sense, in near approaching. In the ad hoc context… at least self-improvement.

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Srinivasa Moorthy
I’ve a innate craving to inscription and register abounding of my thoughts/values…I would according to to alpha with reviewing PC games, movies and stories, writing articles of general/social values and publishing absorbing snippets, poems, etc., in English!

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This article was posted on November 24, 2004

Originall posted March 2, 2012