article submitting how to study a publisher%c2%92s website

There are abounding websites that will host your articles on the Internet. Some baby, some ample, some with guidelines, some without, some abutment streams of topics, some accept a limited bull's eye, some charge a charge and some are chargeless.

With so abounding places to post your articles how can you maximize distribution with the least amount of accomplishment? You can accomplish so by being selective. Post your articles alone on sites that abutment your topic, accept candor, and accept a achievement/achievement access. Since no two websites are alike. Here are a few features to analog analog watch for when considering your articles for submission:

1. Search capabilities. When you are at the website is there a search aspect visitors can statement to acquisition a certain topic? If the page or pages list articles one after the other down a continued page readers will not amuse former the aboriginal 20 names. Actually they will not even peruse that abounding. Interlacing viewers accomplish not accept the patience to scroll buttoned up rows of titles trying to acquisition the adapted subject.

2. How user affable is the website? If the article section is buried inside a website and you accept difficulty figuring out how to submit your article you will appetite to accede submitting your articles to this site.

3. What is the aim of the website? Is that aim supportive of your article, topic, and aim or detrimental? Is it a sales page aloof trying to drive up search engine optimization under false pretenses? don’t be fooled there are abounding of them out there. Is the host of the website apparent or nonexistent? Can you acquisition a phone figure or location — city, state or country?

4. Submission guidelines. Some websites stipulate a chat count, minimum, maximum or scope. If your article doesn’t accommodated their chat count stipulations your article will normally not amuse published. Booty them seriously and booty the age to peruse them. Added importantly acquisition a system to track these. I accept a adjudjing system I statement with 1 being the absolute submission site on up to 15 being an certainly no. I accumulate track of the no website sites so that when I’m looking for advanced sites I apperceive which ones I accept already reviewed.

Since website owners chicken feed, aloof as we accomplish as we apprentice and abound with our skills, guidelines chicken feed occasionally as able-bodied. I recommend reviewing the guidelines either every three months or at least ever six. Some sites accept gotten sneaky and post acceptable guidelines and then chicken feed to “we accept the copyright any more” sites when you are least expecting it.

There are again a few sneaky submission sites that are counting on you not reading their guidelines. These sites stipulate in their guidelines that upon submission the author gives up their copyright on the article. Some are blatantly labeled while others are abstruse inside abstruse legalize.

Some sites stipulate that you accord them permission to statement your material in anything they print or publish. This means that they can accumulate articles on a certain subject, and this is their usual intention, put them at buttoned up in an ebook and sell the ebook. While some of you will not apperception this and accede it viral marketing there are some dangers in this. And this author knows as this has occurred to her materials before she became astute to the secret aim.

5. Statistics. There are actual few websites that accommodate reader statistics. I adulation the websites that acquaint me how abounding bodies peruse the article. I appetite to apperceive if a particular topic is able-bodied peruse. Abounding sites prefer not to post reader statistics. I suspect it is as writers would beam that there is a actual low count and submitting their articles. Voting on the article is a ok aspect, however, it is not really a basic statistic counter. Maybe 1 out of 10 to 15 views will someone booty the age to vote. If the voting aspect is remotely positioned viewers never apperceive of its existence. Even if this aspect is position able-bodied on the page — above the article to let readers apperceive its there and immediately below the article — readers will seldom vote unless the article was awful.

Article hosting and posting is a joint adventure — appearance it as such — and you will maximize your age and accomplishment.

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