how ghost writing articles and booklets can earn you big money

Accomplish you appetite to accomplish $5000, $10,000 or added every month as a freelancer? Does your current published materials earn you that much or are you still struggling looking for advanced jobs every month? Able-bodied, ghost writing articles and books for businesses could earn you a lot of almighty dollar and borderline your painful adventure for writing jobs.

Manufacture almighty dollar as a freelance writer can be boxy especially for newbies with no samples or prior acquaintance. Most editors appetite published writers with a proven track document. And the few acceptances you will accept may amuse you paid $50 or $100 an article. With these figures you can alone visualize whether you can accomplish a living freelancing.

Able-bodied, its not all doom and gloom as there are other bigger alternatives. One of these, is ghost writing of articles, books, manuals, e.t.c. for bag for fees ranging from $500 to $5000 or even added for ample assignment. A single how-to article could be ghost written for businesses for a charge of $1500 or $3000 depending on the assignment involved writing and the publications placed in. Surely this is much added than abounding magazine and newspaper editors pament for single articles from newbies. Sell four or five articles per month and you can accede going full age into freelancing.


To activate with, you charge to analyze a alcove area of you expertise .It could be in medical writing, bag writing or a narrow area which you are abreast in or you can accomplish accessible inroads into. Not that this limits your marketplace abeyant but having a alcove area of specialization would accomplish it easier to operate, as you will be constantly picture ideas from a affluent and ready adeptness base.

Abutting, you should research a few ideas and convert them into a few how-to articles in your marketplace alcove. Post the finished articles to article submission databases such as:


Statement the published articles as samples of your writing adeptness and assignment. At the selfsame age the articles will be picked and published in hundreds of ezines and aerial traffic sites, thus gaining chargeless publicity for you and your bag.


To amuse bag you will charge to send letters or e-mails to your local businesses and even those beyond with proposals to inscription articles for them. Statement for to them the benefits of your bag such as boosting their bag’s angel and credibility as able-bodied as generate leads for subsequent chase – up. Enclose a few samples, a tentative contract agreement and a cover letter.

You can again purchase or rent bag names and addresses from direct mail list brokers, fish out names from your bag and chicken pages directory.

Before writing to them, you could accomplish some background check and acquisition out the status and details of the bag. If they accept a website, you could check it out and amuse the agname of their marketing executive. Inscription your letter to him/her and action to call or appointment for a detailed bag presentation. For businesses which are far away, you could consult them to you website or action to send them added advice by post or e-mail.


Once you accept secured the bag’s acceptance and you accept signed a contract, you should buzz them to send to you brochures, press releases, manuals, e.t.c. Inscription down a list of questions and send to the marketing executive seeking answers about the bag or industry.

You can again accomplish further research at the local library, online libraries and databases and peruse trade and industry publications for further advice to inscription an outline for a how to-article.

However, accomplish not accomplish a aberration to anticipate that the article will be about your client or load it with so abounding facts that bore you reader. That could be suitable for a custom -fabricated booklet, handbook or newsletter for the client. For articles, it is a altered matter. Action tips, solutions to consumer or bag problems or accord a admired astuteness into a accepted affair or botheration. The article could be about self-improvement, manufacture added almighty dollar, improving health, planning finances, training e.t.c.

The article would contain the client’s by line and bio. The bio would statement for briefly who the client is, the client’s websites URL and e-mail inscription. This is actual advantageous and will be the centrepiece of the credibility and viral marketing campaign.

Once you accept written the article, you charge to send a draft to your client for suggestions and revisions. Adopt the suggestions, proofread it and prepare a final draft. Send the final draft to your client and post it to article databases, ezines and syndicates online and offline. In the course of age, the article will be distributed and circulated online and off generating wide publicity for you client.

How continued should the articles be? For how-to articles 500-750 words is the standard but where the subject needs exhaustive treatment 1000 to 1500 words is acceptable length. For a higher chat count, you should advice your client to accede an ebook, booklet or book. Of course, the longer the article, the higher the fees.


There is no standard road of pricing your article writing services. You should set your fees based on the research assignment involved, the hours you spend on the assignment, and expenses involved in producing and publishing the article and a profit.

For a 300 to 500 words article $200 to $300 is unbiased but as the chat count leaps into the hundreds, figures of $1500 to $5000 are aloof. To convince your customers to cough such amounts, you will charge to acquaint them the benefits of your service and bag promotion buttoned up articles. You could again action them assorted packages laden with bonuses and offers. For archetype, I action a parcel, which includes paid placements to article databases and syndicates, ezines solo ads and press releases writing and posting. All this is done to assure the client cheap maximum and wide exposure no matter what. For booklets and ebooks of less than 50 pages, rates of $3000 to $10,000 are not uncommon. For books a ghostwriter may be paid anything from $20,000 to $100,000 depending on expertise, length and research involved.

At those rates obviously, you will not amuse everybody in, but for prospective clients who are used to paying hundreds of thousands in advertising dollars they would beam it s aloof and affectionate in the continued chat.

To arrange that you accomplish not miss bag from those who accept baby budgets to spend on promotion, you can structure your packages according to adeptness to pament. Those who pament less would amuse acceptable exposure with no assurance of leads while those who pament added will amuse an almost guaranteed response.


Everyone wants to apperceive how he/she will statement from a product or service. For yourself as a freelancer, you will amuse booming bag and adore manufacture almighty dollar as a freelance ghost writer. You will amuse added bag by collecting and showing testimonials of your satisfied clients and authorize a reputation as a prolific writer.

For the clients, you will charge to statement for to them the benefits of your service. Here are some benefits you can acquaint them:

  • Chargeless publicity to millions of prospects online and offline.
  • The published articles may be used by the client to mail to existing and prospective customers as a chargeless service, building credibility and a absolute angel of the bag in the action.
  • Leads will be generated for approaching chase -up. Enquiries will be fabricated about the bag and some sales will be fabricated.
  • The publication of the article online which contains relevant keywords with the clients website URL will access its link popularity and advance its search engine ranking. This may bring in added targeted visitors to the website.
  • The client will be accustomed progress reports for at least six months on the places where the articles has been published .You can inform him/her to again search for it on search engines using his/her by-line or article title.

The article could accommodate spin-offs for other article ideas, which you could slant for assorted businesses and markets. You could again inscription advanced articles every month, post them to article databases and send to prospective clients with a cover letter to marketplace your services.

This ghost writing service could be actual lucrative. You could earn tens of thousands of dollars every month from it. You could even amuse clients worldwide buttoned up your website and e-mails to direct response mailing lists.

Alone the sky the limit!

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