how to be rejected by the article directories

Article writing is one of the ace ways to access your traffic and amuse added sales. You’ve heard it a million times so you decide to finally aloof accomplish it. You inscription an article and submit it to the article directories, eagerly anticipating the flow of traffic. Instead you accept the dreaded rejection letter.

What did you accomplish amiss?

1. Did you proof-peruse your article before you submitted it?

Popular article directory sites accept hundreds of submissions each day. It’s much easier for the owner to click “decline” than to edit your typo-filled or unformatted article. Before submitting, proof the article and proof it again. If grammar and spelling accomplish you sweat, then hire a Copywriter or buzz a acquaintance to advice you before you click that submit button.

2. Is it an Advertisement or an Article?

Article directory sites are looking for informative, advantageous content, not press releases or ads. If your submission reads according to an ad, it will not be accepted. And, anticipate about it — even if was approved on a fluke, accomplish you anticipate that website owners will be clamoring to publish your 500 chat advertisement? Not a chance.

If your ambition is to inscription and submit a press release, then check out places according to

3. Did you peruse the Submission Guidelines?

Each article directory has a altered culture. Glance buttoned up the Submission Guidelines before setting up an statement to accomplish sure your article will be greet before you submit it. If an article directory is based around a alcove according to gardening, then please resist the appetite to submit your Mesothelioma articles. There are plenty of article directories that appetite your articles. It’s not an able statement of your age to submit unwanted articles to a alcove site.

4. Is your article PG-rated?

Don’t submit female-related articles, profanity, or general nastiness. Article directories are businesses and, accordingly, exist to accomplish almighty dollar. This means they generally accept income buttoned up affiliate sales or advertising. So, if your article includes female or contains words stronger than “darn”, don’t be surprised if your article is rejected. Of course, if your article contains nastiness or anything unlawful — don’t even bother.

5. Is your Article aboriginal and written by you?

Submit alone aboriginal articles. Please accomplish not copy someone else’s article, edit it, and submit it. That’s stealing and you will be caught. And, accomplish not submit articles from shared content sites. Article directories appetite aboriginal, altered content. Public realm is ‘public’ but anticipate how ineffective article directories would alter to if there were 500 versions of the selfsame public realm piece. Instead of wasting your age figuring out how to reinvent other bodies’s content, aloof inscription your own.

Any more that you apperceive what not to accomplish, alpha writing the affectionate of articles that article directories air castle of — and analog analog watch your bag abound.

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