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You charge to be advertising and marketing your at ease-based bag, but what does it all beggarly? You charge customers. You charge sales! But where accomplish you alpha?

  • FFA Pages

  • Banners

  • Traffic Exchange Programs

  • Returned Linking

These are aloof some of the ways for your at ease-based bag to be advertising and marketing online (acceptation on the Internet). But, what accomplish they beggarly?

FFA Pages — You submit your site to a FFA page (or network of pages) and accede to amuse one E-mail from every other website that is listed there. Definitely not a acceptable abstraction (beam our Advertising/Marketing page for added details).

Banners – These are ads shown at the top (usually) of abounding webpages and they sometimes rotate to appearance a altered ad each age the page is loaded.

Traffic Exchange Programs – You submit your ad to be shown to other members of the program when they load the program alpha page.

Returned Linking – You abode a link to someone’s website on your site and they abode a link to your website on theirs.

Other Internet Marketing Suggestions

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Keywords are placed throughout your website’s pages to acquaint the search engines what your page is about. Keywords are simply words (or combinations of words) that call your bag.

Content is baron. Accommodate acceptable content (basically, articles about your area of expertise) about your subject and sprinkle the keywords (and combos) buttoned up the page. This basic strategy will amuse you a higher ranking with the search engines and abounding added customers as you’re giving them something that they charge — advice!

PPC (Pament Per Click) Advertising – Instead of submitting your pages for inclusion in the search engine’s database, you easily on the keyword(s) that relate to your website. You can acquisition out in advance what other sites accept easily for a particular keyword and then decide if you appetite to outbid the figure one spot or maybe easily a babyish less and amuse the figure two, three, or four spot (or lower if the keyword is expensive).

Ezines/Newsletters – These are delivered buttoned up E-mail and can be either plain content or HTML with full graphics. Although they can sometimes be expensive, you can amuse chargeless ads by writing articles about your subject area and contribute them to the ezines. Why would you appetite to accord them away? As you can put in a “Resource Box” at the borderline of each article. At the actual least this box will contain your agname, website inscription, and a brief one or two line “bio” about you (some ezines acquiesce added room). Beam, chargeless online advertising for your at ease-based bag!

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Originall posted March 8, 2012