mjmls com offers a new advertising venue

After conducting months of research towards developing an online Marketplace, Mjmls.com initiated beta-release of a advanced Classified Advertising Venue (http://www.mjmls.com). With several modifications to the Mjmls Website, users will any more beam the Classifieds as the main page at Mjmls.com. The aboriginal Interlacing Directory, has been moved to a Sub-realm on the server, but is still available for Webmasters to advance their Site buttoned up a, “Link-Exchange”.

Michael Medeiros, the founder of Mjmls.com, obtained services buttoned up Geodesic Solutions, A Limited Liability Company in Software Adding to (http://www.geodesicsolutions.com), for the release of the Classifieds segment. The Classified application utilizes the PHP Speech, enabling an accessible to statement interface. James Grassland, Geodesic Enterprise Developer, stated, “The benchmarks of the PHP/MySql application are comparable to any other scripting speech and data storage, especially when compared to the expense of hosting the application”. Mr. Medeiros believes that the PHP/MySql application will deliver convenient features, while the reduced operating expense will acquiesce Mjmls.com to remain competitive among its competitors, as it progresses into the approaching.

Geodesic Solutions, is providing continued abutment of the Database application, as the Classifieds are being developed. The Mjmls Classifieds are currently accessible for advertisers, as the staff released Beta Adding to. While there are no fees for advertising, or attached to the sale of an item, Mjmls.com is relying on utilization of enhanced features for continued abutment of the realm. These optional features accommodate Bigger Placement of ads, Featured Ads, Attention-getter Graphics, and Bold Content. Arrangements accept been fabricated with 2checkout.com and PayPal.com, to accept secure online payments for these optional features.

Previous users of Mjmls.com can acquisition the Interlacing Directory in its advanced location, http://links.mjmls.com. The directory has alone one altering, but Mr. Medeiros stated, “A advanced facelift is in adjustment”. The aboriginal Directory served as a abode for Webmasters to list their Website, buttoned up a link-exchange, and for borderline-users to locate businesses and advice on the Internet. Mr. Medeiros went on to add, “With the Beta-release of the Advanced Classifieds, the directory will any more be displaying one featured advertisement. The Ad Affectation is a summary of the actual advertisement. It is relatively smaller than most accepted banners”. Mr. Medeiros still intends for the directory to serve as a chargeless portal for users to acquisition a array of admired Internet Sites.

The Mjmls Classifieds currently action a array Marketing Venues, but they intend to accumulate Website promotion within the Directory. Businesses and individuals may advertise items for sale in a array of categories. These categories accommodate Automobiles, Absolute Estate, Electronics, Boats, Motorcycles, and Recreational Vehicles. In addition, there is a category for Businesses to advertise their, “Storefront,” in the Classifieds (Bag). The Mjmls Staff intends to amend the Category structure buttoned up user comments and suggestions.

To activate advertising, a user is required to actualize an advertiser statement by registering. Once registered, users can abode multiple advertisements. Borderline-users can contact advertisers buttoned up the ads, amuse directions to their bag or items for sale (Utilizes MapQuest.com), forward ads to friends or family, and save advertisements for subsequent comparison. In addition, the site offers an statement employer. Advertisers can easily detector advertisements in the classifieds. The statement employer will acknowledge the figure of views, replies, and times an borderline-user forwarded the ad to a acquaintance or family member. Mr. Medeiros commented, “Geodesic Solutions has provided abounding advantageous tools for our Borderline-users and Advertisers. We aim to be implementing altered options as the Website progresses. This will advice arrange that Classifieds remain fully functional when adding to is all”.

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Originall posted December 12, 2012