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I’ve been self employed for 18 age, so marketing is not a advanced affair. My technology expertise has always been decidedly accessible to marketplace. Last year, I decided to accessible an MLM bag allotment-age. This type of bag enables me to “accomplish almighty dollar while I sleep.” My other bag is one that must be worked on a daily basis, and is seldom slow!

I was about to embark on a all air chicken feed regarding marketing. In my technology bag, everyone wants to hear about the products, the advanced ways, faster ways, and enhanced training. However, the minute I altercate the products of an MLM bag; doors shut; I amuse banned from interlacing sites or I amuse a blurry of e-mails, saying all the selfsame affair:

“No MLM Advertising Allowed”
“MLM Posts Will Not Be Permitted”
“Your Products Are Deemed to Be an MLM, and Your Advertisement Has Been Deleted”

Accordingly, I went on a assignment! I researched interlacing pages for a figure of months, and discovered there are interlacing sites that acquiesce you to advertise. These sites accomplish not accept moderators, ablaze e-mailers, and “NO MLM POSTS policies.” At aboriginal, I was skeptical, expecting a unpleasant e-mail after I fabricated my aboriginal post. No e-mail was received, and my ad appeared on the site exactly as entered, with a bonus. My interlacing site was a hyperlink, not aloof a content line.

So I went to the abutting one in my list. This age, I was braver, and typed a full size ad of my MLM’s brochure. It again appeared on the site, exactly as I typed it? I checked both of the ads for several days, still expecting some reprimand; none came. On my third day, I went all out, and even added an animated graphics. Wow, it worked too!

Then a few days went buy, and I got an e-mail from the sponsor, that said: “Thanks for posting to our site; you are any more signed up for the newsletter, and once a month this site will be e-mailed to you.” Wait, does this beggarly all who post on the site amuse an e-mail monthly? Was this another extra statement? Affirmative, I amuse to post my ad, and they e-mail to everyone who posted any type of advice to the site. I realized I had aloof been introduced to Co-op Marketing. My thirst for added grew into an obsession.

That’s when I discovered over 190 interlacing sites that acquiesce my ad. All of the interlacing sites any more link to my site. Speak about search engine boost. Our site is any more figure 1 on Google, Yahoo, AOL, AltaVista and MSN all for FREE! Our site went online in Airing of this year.

I decided the apple needs to apperceive about this type of marketing, and I wrote the e-book called “Marketing in Vegas for Chargeless on Over 190 Interlacing Sites.” Affirmative, here’s where I amuse paid for my mechanical expertise. The book is alone $9.95 plus levy. This book is not aloof a list of interlacing sites. It is again an Internet Marketing book, giving you tips and tricks on how to abode an ad; so you can optimize your placement on the search engines.

Even our cookie cutter site from our MLM bag has climbed to #3 and #4 position in the search engines, using this type of FREE advertising. For $10.00, you may save thousands in return.

About the Author

About the Author
Gina Novelle writes computer How-To Manuals, is a graphic artist, and program designer for Exclusive Markets in Las Vegas Nevada. She specializes in Enhanced Technology Methods, and sponsors, a abutment site for the self-employed E-mail: [email protected]grasp

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