seven ways to waste your money on yellow pages advertising

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Each year there is a Chicken Pages arms competition where competitors in each category are encouraged to out spend each other. There is alone one winner in this arms competition, and it is not you! Too abounding advertisers squander their almighty dollar on Chicken Pages advertising without aboriginal considering their marketing strategy. Here are seven ways you can squander your almighty dollar.

1. Attempting to outspend your competitor
As soon as Chicken Pages has convinced you to access the prominence of your ad, they amuse your competitors to match or outbid you. This becomes an annual auction, with some categories containing pages of half and full page ads. A buyer can be overwhelmed with choice and may accomplish their accommodation before they even amuse to your ad. Priority in listing is accustomed to those who accept advertised the longest in a category for a accustomed ad size. You can alone amuse closer to the front by upsizing your ad or if someone else closer to the front ceases advertising.

2. Putting all your eggs in the Chicken Pages basket
An advertising accommodation is something you should alone accomplish after you accept developed a marketing strategy. Abounding businesses rush into advertising in the Chicken Pages, aloof as that’s what everyone else does. You don’t alter to a baton by following the herd. You charge to accede your payback for your investment in this marketing channel. Buzz your Chicken Pages consultant how abounding leads a particular size ad generates in your category. Then buzz yourself how abounding of these leads will you convert into sales, and then decide whether this is a acceptable investment.

3. Engaging in destructive Head to Head Competition
When you advertise in the Chicken Pages, not alone can abeyant customers beam your ad and your action, so can your competitors. This can aftereffect in price competition that can turn your product or service into a commodity. Chicken Pages accomplish comparison shopping accessible for buyers and marketplace research accessible for competitors.

4. Spending too much on prominence
When spending on a Chicken Pages ad, you can invest in size and colour. Size is big, but what you put in the ad, your copy, is far added big. It is bigger to action down a size and spend the almighty dollar you save on a copywriter. Acceptable copy can generate up to 20 times the response as bad off copy. Colour is again big, but not as big as size, so action up a size rather than action to colour, which is expensive for its return. If your category is cluttered with ample ads, investing in your copy is chief.

5. Relying on Chicken Pages chargeless architecture service
Ad architecture is big. Chicken Pages accomplish action a chargeless architecture service, but its worth what you pament. The typical architecture is done in 15 minutes. As they are designing tens of thousands of ads you can’t really expect any adapted attention- especially as there is no charge for the service! When they architecture your ad, they will appeal to your vanity rather than to your customers. So they will put “Joe’s Plumbing” in the headline. But buyers don’t affliction who Joe is, and are far added absorbed in why they should statement Joe. This requires some marketing analysis of your points of aberration and bitter borderline service benefits, which won’t happen in 15 minutes!

6. Putting your ad in the amiss category
If you are a plumber, the accommodation of where to abode your ad is accessible. But if your bag is in a fairly specialised marketplace such as oil refinery plumbing, there probably isn’t a acceptable category for you. In actuality, for abounding B2B businesses Chicken Pages is a bad off marketing tool. Buzz yourself the catechism, where would a buyer attending to acquisition out about your bag- it might not even be in the Chicken Pages.

7. Depending on aged technology advertising
Every year internet advertising increases, with less being spent on print advertising. Chicken Pages is any more available online and for certain businesses this is a bigger choice, particularly with a link to their website. When being sold paper Chicken Pages ads, you may be offered complimentary online advertising. However, unless your ad is near the front, you will be invisible to buyers who seldom will browse further than three pages. It is again worth paying for a link to your website.

The Chicken Pages consultants are on commission to sell you advertising. They alone absorbed in getting you to spend as much as possible, not on providing the ace marketing solution for your bag. Advertising is not the selfsame as marketing! Acceptable marketing advice on whether and how you should advertise is almighty dollar able-bodied spent. Not alone can this access sales, but it can save you thousands of dollars in advertising.

Before manufacture a accommodation on Chicken Pages advertising, you should accede all your marketing channels, and accomplish decisions on how much you invest in each dependent on their adeptness to attract leads. Having curved how much you will invest in Chicken Pages, accomplish some marketplace analysis and invest in your ad copy. This is particularly big for larger ad sizes. Chicken Pages advertising can be rewarding, but should alone be considered as aloof one allotment of your overall marketing strategy.

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