use textpad program for easy ezine and web site submissions to bring more sales

When you actualize your articles in TextPad format, something according to Notepad, but much added able, you will accept them in 65 characters across wrapped, aloof the adapted format. Then, when you are ready to submit your articles to interlacing sites, you simply copy and adhesive the parts of the article into the interlacing site you appetite to post on.

Statement Textpad to format all of your email promotion, ezines, or articles to aerial traffic ezines or Interlacing sites. This shareware program at is chargeless to statement for some age, and you can buy it subsequent. It can put all of your articles or other message into 65 characters across wrapped automatically.

Textpad formats my monthly ezine, “The BookCoach Says…” easily to grasp over 3500 subscribers. It again keeps track of my list and when someone opts-in or opts-out, we statement TextPad to locate the agname in the files to add or subtract. I according to it as we can send the ezine and articles straight from our office. To submit your own ezines or able-bodied-edited articles to opt-in ezines and Interlacing sites, you will appetite this format unless you appetite HTML format.

While Textpad has no format according to bold, or italics, this one program has helped me to produce and send out over 165 articles and 95 tips to share with added than 100 ePublishers and 980 Interlacing sites (year one) and 21,000 (year four) with hyperlinks back to my sites. This is why I am #1 on and 25 other search engines. You can accept agnate accomplishment.

Author’s Note: TextPad allows you to send all of your emails including documents within the email, so your readers can accessible and beam all immediately. When bodies don’t accept to download an attachment, they are added likely to accessible your emails. Anticipate of the age saved. From using this format, hundreds of thousands of targeted buyers eventually will come your road—to your Interlacing site, ezine, or to your email inscription.

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Judy Cullins, 20-year Book and Internet Marketing Coach works with baby bag bodies who appetite to accomplish a aberration in bodies’s lives, body their credibility and clients, and accomplish a consistent action-continued income. Author of 10 eBooks including Inscription your eBook or Other Short Book Accelerated, Ten Non-Techie Ways to Marketplace Your Book Online, The Accelerated and Cheap Road to Explode Your Targeted Interlacing Traffic, and Adeptness Writing for Interlacing Sites That Sell, she offers chargeless advice buttoned up her 2 monthly ezines, “The BookCoach Says…,” “Bag Tip of the Month,” and blog Q & A at and over 170 chargeless articles. Email her at [email protected].

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