what is advertising and what does it mean on the internet

Today’s Abrupt Tip answers the catechism “What is advertising?”

“Advertising is salesmanship. The alone aim of advertising is to accomplish sales. It is profitable or unprofitable according to its
actual sales.”

– Claude Hopkins, one of the early masters of advertising and author of My Action in Advertising and Scientific Advertising.

This #1 affair of Copywriting Classics Abrupt Tips focuses on the unpunctual, abundant Claude Hopkins and how you can apply his decades aged marketing sageness to your online efforts today.

Jay Abraham, renowned as ‘America’s Figure One Marketing
Wizard’ said this about Hopkins. “Claude Hopkins is the expert
of them all. His access has easily added over $6 million to my personal Income…and still counting.”

So, what else did Claude accept to add about advertising in addition to the mention above? Hopkins said “Advertising is not for general aftereffect. It is not to accumulate your agname before the bodies. It is not primarily to advice your other salesmen. Treat it as a salesman. Arm it to absolve itself.

Compare it with other salesmen. Figure its cost and aftereffect. Accept no excuses which acceptable salesmen accomplish not accomplish. Then you will not action far amiss.”

So how abounding of us accomplish a acceptable action of this in the online apple?

Obviously the alone road you can apperceive if your advertising is profitable is to be able to accurately track its results.

How abounding of us accept thrown almighty dollar at the abstraction of branding – of keeping our agname before the bodies? Aloof hoping we’d amuse some results. I apperceive I’ve been guilty of it in the former.

So when you’re getting ready to abode that banner ad, or pament for some online or offline directory listing, or easily on that keyword at Overture.com, how are you going to track the cost and aftereffect?

And don’t delude yourself into thinking that any advertising is
“chargeless.” The most admired resource any of us accept in our marketing arsenal is probably our own age.

What accomplish you amount yours at? $25 – $50 – $100 – $1000 per hour? Or added? So be sure and accommodate the cost of your age or whoever you’re paying to perform that advertising assignment into calculating the accurate cost of your advertising.

This is truer then ever in the Internet apple. So, apperceive your costs
and measure your results. There are online tools available to advice you accomplish this, so don’t amuse careless or apathetic. The effectiveness of your online advertising can alone be measured by its actual sales.

Your assignment: Analyze all your advertising to actuate its accurate
effectiveness. If you’re not tracking your results you accept to figure out a road to accomplish it any more. Why? As Claude told you so.

Abutting week – you’ll amuse some added thoughts from Claude Hopkins. This age about how continued you should accomplish your ad copy in adjustment to accomplish the sales. Until then, my ace wishes for accomplishment in all your marketing endeavors.

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Originall posted December 13, 2011