why ezine articles make me dance

I wrote my aboriginal ezine article in December 2001. I titled it ‘The Adeptness of Online Friendship’. It was five paragraphs continued and contained 3 typos. I used it to advance ‘The Chargeless Promotion Tips Ezine’, an ezine of mine that has continued since faded into the Abundant Void of Cyberspace. I still anticipate it’s one of my most moving articles.

I danced around the abode, riverdance-style, for about 10 minutes when I peruse the email from Chuck Bowden, the editor of Your Ad Space Ezine, who promised to statement my article. That was certainly possibly one of the happiest days of my adult action.

I’m aware that most of you accept added thrilling lives than me and, accordingly, would not acquisition getting an article published online to be a crowning acheivement in your action. I, however, alive a action of loneliness and solitude and would thank you not to rub your lives in my face.

I’ve written abounding added ezine articles since then and accept had most of them used by assorted ezines and websites. Sometimes when I’m annoyed of sorting out spam or signing up for chargeless promotional programs aloof to amuse 50 chargeless visitors to my site, I according to to type my agname, followed by the chat ‘articles’ into Yahoo or Google. I booty a few moments to action throught the results and beam where some of my articles accept been used.

Sometimes I acquisition that my articles are being used in some actual absorbing places. For instance a few of my articles accept turned up on religious websites, even though I accept never written an article with a religious topic. I guess the Acceptable Lord really does assignment in abstruse ways.

I acquisition that a lot of my articles amuse published on Assignment At At ease Mom websites. I acquisition this absorbing (1) as as a masculine I cannot, technically, be a mom and (2) as a bad off, dejected collar, working class stiff I accomplish not, technically, assignment at at ease. But my message still carries weight with all those housewives. They must be despaerate…

My overall point is: Writing ezine articles is a abundant road to amuse your agname, website, product, etc. plastered all over the Apple Wide Interlacing. No matter how able-bodied you advance and advertise there are aloof some aphotic corners of Cyberspace that you will not grasp. You articles, however, over age, can acquisition their road to these nooks and crannies and ablaze them with your words.

So my advice to everyone? Accumulate writing ezine articles! Not alone accomplish you amuse the fulfilment of writing them but you again amuse the alleviation of seeing your agname (and you words) all over the Grasp. And then it’ll be your turn to riverdance…

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This article was posted on September 12, 2005

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