why you see the same authors all the time

Isn’t it a scream how you’ve started to peruse an article about why me, and a certain select few authors inscription articles almost daily?


#1 astuteness why bodies fail online is as they fail to deliver fresh content. Let’s forget search engines for a second, instead let’s concentrate on the borderline user who visits your interlacing site.

Let’s add “Jim” has been to your site once before and all of a sudden he sees your interlacing site for something else and decides to appointment. But what, oh no, it’s the actual selfsame affair he saying 1 month ago. What happens to Jim? Aloof another statistic from your interlacing site that will never amuse repeated.

On another note, let’s add Jim happened to beam your link in search engines again, except this age, you’ve revised your interlacing site template. Jim is any more intrigued and aflame to beam what is advanced, but oh oh, you accept the selfsame bloody content as the last age. Jim is yet again another statistic.

NOW – Let’s add, not alone accept your revised your images, template, graphics, you’ve again been committed to adding 1 article on your site every single day. Jim is happier than the pope himself since you’ve played adapted into Jim’s hand.

We all search online, for some of us, it’s sheer boredom, for others, it’s doing what your not supposed to be doing at assignment and so on. The entire point is, if annihilation changes on your site, how accomplish you expect to stimulate bodies to come back. Getting bodies to your site is the accessible allotment, getting someone to come back is actual boxy.

So back to the title: “Why you beam the SAME AUTHORS all the age!” It’s not alone a matter of adding an article everyday to bring bodies back but at the selfsame age, search engines act almost according to us. They beam advanced content (they=search engines), they again amuse aflame and browse around to beam what you’ve added, not to mention that they again index all your pages for search engine listings.

Let’s action a babyish further and bring attention to this newly activate content. Abounding bodies out there are hiding their advanced content within folders and sub-directories and so on. What I suggest is having a baby babyish box on your front page that aloof details some daily advanced content. Ace shot keeping the content you add within this box up there on your site for about a week or so, aloof so that advanced visitors accept a chance to appearance it and search engines accept a chance to index it.

So in the borderline, a site that doesn’t abound daily will accept accomplished annihilation online. A interlacing site that caters to the needs of the abounding, will accept added accomplishment than it can arm.

What you put into the apple, will after all come back to you in the selfsame amount.


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This article was posted on November 30, 2005

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