calcium for weight loss

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Calcium for Weight Loss

Calcium for Weight Loss


Psst, got milk? Calcium may be the newest weight-loss
secret. A advanced study provides added evidence that
calcium can action body fat and advice accumulate your weight
under ascendancy.

Researchers activate that adolescent girls who consumed added
calcium weighed less and had less body fat than girls
who consumed the selfsame amount of calories from other
sources. Previous studies accept shown that a higher
calcium intake can block body fat production in adults and
preschool children, but this is one of the aboriginal studies
to appearance that it might accept the selfsame aftereffect in
body-conscious preteen and teenage girls.

The study


The study, presented this week at the Experimental Biology
2003 affair in San Diego, involved an ethnically mixed
accumulation of 321 girls aged nine to 14.

Each of the girls recorded everything she ate and drank,
along with any calcium or vitamin supplements, for three
days. Researchers again measured the girls’ physical
action, weight, and amount of body fat aloof above the
hipbone — a measure of abdominal fat.

Not surprisingly, they activate that the girls who consumed
added total calories and exercised less weighed added and
had added body fat. But when researchers compared girls
with agnate calorie intake, physical action akin,
and size, they activate that the girls who consumed added
calcium on average weighed less.

Researchers add most of the calcium in the girls’ diet came
from dairy sources, and it didn’t booty much to accomplish a
aberration in their body fat and weight. The study activate
an access of one serving of dairy, such as a cup of
milk or thumb-sized piece of cheese containing about 300 mg
of calcium, was associated with about half an inch less
abdominal fat and nearly 2 pounds in lower weight.

But researcher Rachel Novotny, PhD, RD, says the findings
shouldn’t be interpreted as an excuse to add added cheese
and other calcium-affluent dairy products to your diet in
the hopes of stimulating weight loss.

“It doesn’t beggarly that aloof eating added dairy can advice you
lose weight,” says Novotny, professor and chair of the
department of human nutrition, aliment and animal sciences
at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Calories are still the bottom line


His findings, published in this week’s Statement of the
“Calories are still the bottom line,” Novotny tells WebMD.
“Does the composition of calories matter? Affirmative, having
added of them come from calcium-affluent foods is associated
with lower weight and lower body fat.”

In ablaze of the current fatness epidemic, Novotny says these
findings might accommodate a advanced road to advice set up children for
a healthy body weight subsequent in action. Although reducing
overall calorie intake and increasing physical action
are the most able means to advance weight loss
and lessen body fat in bodies of any age, she says a
relatively baby chicken feed in calcium intake might again
lower body fat.

“What maybe is big about this is that they are in a
period of rapid advance, and as of that advance there is
an befalling to modify their body composition,” says
Novotny. “It sets the stage for approaching body composition.”

Aerial body fat and fatness is associated with abounding health
risks such as aerial blood pressure, affection disease, cancer,
and diabetes.

Calcium’s fat-fighting adeptness is not fully understood


The exact mechanism behind calcium’s fat-fighting adeptness is
not fully understood, but previous research in animals
suggests that aerial levels of calcium in the bloodstream
slow down fat production and advice shift the body’s bull's eye
from accumulating fat to breaking it down.

Registered dietitian Althea Zanecosky says the aged maxim,
“according to brobdingnagian, according to daughter” usually doesn’t apply to
weight ascendancy methods, but this study shows that it can.

“As a dietitian, I’m really thrilled as here’s a aliment
we’re trying to amuse them to eat for other reasons, and any more
here’s this added bonus,” says Zanecosky, who is again
spokeswoman for the American Dietetic Association.

“Preventing bone disease coming age down road might not be
an incentive for girls,” Zanecosky tells WebMD. “But for
those concerned about their weight, this is one added astuteness
for them to drink their milk as it may again accept this
affectionate aftereffect on their weight.”

Sneak extra doses of calcium-affluent foods into your children’s


Zanecosky says it’s not adamantine for parents to sneak extra
doses of calcium-affluent foods into their children’s diet. As
a brobdingnagian of two adolescent daughters herself, she finds
the following “tricks” especially able in her own

Grab a decaffeinated cappuccino with your teenager as an
after-school snack.

Send yogurt along with their lunch, as a snack, or accept it
for breakfast (no-fat or low-fat versions of abounding yogurts
are again available for weight-conscious kids).

Whip up fruit smoothies with skim milk or yogurt.

Sprinkle reduced-fat grated cheeses on salads.

Incorporate low-fat shredded cheese blends into dinner
entrees, such as Mexican cheeses on fajitas and tacos,
Italian cheeses on pasta, etc.

If your child doesn’t according to plain milk, action flavored milks
such as chocolate or strawberry.

“This is one potentially trendy diet that’s healthy. You can
ascendancy fat and amuse able bones at selfsame age. I don’t apperceive
of any other diets can accomplish that claim,” says Zanecosky.
“You can’t lose anything but pounds.”

Source: WebMD

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About The Author


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