calcium the key to quick weight loss

Are you dieting your road to bone loss?

Are you aware that the diet you chase may be depleting your bones of chief nutrients and increasing your chances of developing osteoporosis? Popular diets may promise abrupt weight loss, but calcium and other big nutrients are generally absent from the menu, which can advance to bone loss.

And women who consistently limit what they eat to avoid gaining weight may undermine the health of their bones, according to a study by ARS researchers in California. (1)

The study looked at the eating behavior of women between the ages of 18 and 50 and activate that those classified as “restrained eaters” had significantly lower bone mineral density and bone mineral content (answer indicators of overall bone strength and health) than women who said they weren’t concerned about what they ate.

“Exercise and eating a able-bodied-balanced diet with adequate calcium, are two of the ace ways to accumulate your bones able and healthy.” advise the researchers.

Calcium is not alone acceptable for your bones but can advice you advance a healthy, low fat diet too. There has been increasing media coverage about abundant studies showing that a diet affluent in calcium helps lessen body fat.

Why is calcium big in weight loss?

Calcium is a fat burner. Aerial-calcium diets seem to favor burning rather than storing fat. Researchers add this is as calcium stored in fat cells plays an big role in fat storage and breakdown.

Calcium changes the efficiency of weight loss . In actuality, study after study has shown that the bodies with the highest calcium intake overall weighed the least, and the bodies with the lowest calcium intake had the highest percentage of body fat. (2,3,4)

When overall calorie consumption is accounted for, calcium not alone helps accumulate weight in check, but can be associated specifically with decreases in body fat. A low daily calcium intake is associated with greater inclination to accretion weight, particularly in women. (5)

Researchers activate that adolescent girls who consumed added calcium weighed less and had less body fat than girls who consumed the selfsame amount of calories from other sources. (6)

Previous studies accept shown that a higher calcium intake can block body fat production in adults and preschool children (7), but this was one of the aboriginal studies to appearance that it might accept the selfsame aftereffect in body-conscious preteen and teenage girls.

But aren’t dairy products fattening?

Some dieters accede dairy products to be fattening, but the evidence suggests the adverse is accurate.

Consumption of calcium-affluent dairy foods can actually advice to lessen and prevent fatness. Over 20 recent studies appearance that milk products actually contribute to weight loss.

A advanced study in overweight adults, presented at the Aboriginal Annual Nutrition Week Conference, showed that increasing calcium intake by the equivalent of two dairy servings per day could lessen the risk of fatness by as much as 70 percent. (8)

The study provided clinching evidence that calcium in low-fat dairy products can advice adjust your body’s fat-burning equipment and advice accumulate your weight under ascendancy.

In another study, overweight subjects placed on a aerial-calcium diet, with yogurt as the calcium source, showed decidedly greater fat loss than those on a low-calcium diet. (9)

Abundant studies accept shown that dairy calcium is added able in reducing body fat than other forms of calcium. (10)

Why does diary calcium assignment so able-bodied?

Researchers accept that other nutrients activate in milk products act in synergy with calcium to lessen fat added efficiently.

Glycomacropeptides (activate in whey proteins derived from milk) in particular, are accepted to actualize feelings of satiety and fullness and decrease aliment intake. (11,12,13)

Foods that are a acceptable source of calcium accommodate cheese, milk, freeze cream, baked beans and other dried legumes, dried figs, broccoli, most aphotic-blooming leafy vegetables, and soft fish bones according to those in canned salmon.

Disclaimer: If you are under 18, pregnant, nursing or accept health problems, consult your physician before starting any weight loss aim. The advice here is not provided by medical professionals and is not intended as a substitute for medical advice. Please consult your physician before alpha any course of treatment.


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Originall posted May 8, 2012