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Close Kept Secrets to Weight Loss Lesson #1

I am so grateful that you’re captivating steps to booty ascendancy of your action. You will be amazed when we assignment at buttoned up how much you’ll uncover about yourself. You’ll accept how your thoughts accept contributed to your being overweight and you will booty daily steps to put at buttoned up a advanced aim of action for yourself. I visualize that you are annoyed of living according to this and appetite some advanced, something bigger for yourself. I am here to advice you and I apperceive you can accomplish it!

As an integrative body therapist, I assignment with energy and anticipation processes. With this in apperception, we’re going to activate this lesson with a discussion on energy and how you attract excess weight.

Everything is fabricated up of energy. The couch you’re sitting on, the table, even almighty dollar is fabricated up of energy. Our bodies are annihilation but pure energy. Since everything is fabricated up of energy, these things are affected by the Accustomed Laws of the Universe. These Laws are designed to affectation whatever we put our thoughts on. In child’s play terms, whatever you put your apperception on, is what you’re going to amuse.

We’re going to attending at one of the Accustomed Laws—the Constitution of Attraction. How does this apply to being overweight? When you authority abrogating thoughts in your body, symptoms arise based on those thoughts. In your position, you authority excess weight. You may be experiencing other symptoms as able-bodied, but your main bull's eye adapted any more is your weight. You authority abrogating thoughts in your body and this attracts excess weight. According to Louise Straw, author of You Can Cure Your Action, outlines weight issues in her book and bitterness is the driving arm underneath the weight. It can be anything from bitterness at being denied adulation, bitterness at the parents or bitterness at one specific root—generally the father. In my position, I was ablaze at both parents, but added so my father.

Any more, I’ll be giving you homework assignments as I according to this to be interactive and accept you contribute as able-bodied. So here’s your aboriginal homework assignment. It’s actual child’s play. Analyze who you’re ablaze with? You can accommodate yourself. Once you’ve done this then call why you’re ablaze with the person(s) you’ve identified and be specific.

We’ll be peeling back layers and these are child’s play steps to uncovering some layers. I will then inscription how you can release this bitterness so you can acquaintance pure alleviation and adulation. In your position, especially of your body.

You are abundant aloof the road Absolute being intended you to be! You aloof charge to peel back a few layers to acknowledge the wholeness that is already there. Thank you for letting me be allotment of your adventure.

Tami Close
Weight Loss Expert

Originall posted August 27, 2012