discover the best weight loss exercise

The Ace Weight Loss Exercise

The exercise the experts are keeping a Secret.

The easiest exercise in the apple actually “Burns the Most Fat”!

There is alone one weight loss exercise that’s the ace fat burning exercise for everyone by far, there’s not even a close second.

However, most so-called weight-loss experts don’t advise this exercise, either as they are apprenticed of the facts, or added than likely, as they can’t accomplish any almighty dollar from it.

They can’t accomplish any almighty dollar from the ace weight loss workout, as you don’t charge to accompany a gym, and you don’t charge to buy any exercise equipment to accomplish it.

Bodies who advise that…

You accept to action buttoned up all the altered exercise routines on all the altered exercise equipment in a gym, or buy all this awe-inspiring exercise equipment, or that you charge to be running for weight loss, are aloof giving you the runaround.

Weight Lifting As a Weight Loss Exercise

Abounding bodies who call themselves experts, accomplish the claim that since muscles burn fat, you charge to body ample muscles so that you can burn added fat, and so…

You should assignment with weights, as that builds the biggest muscles.

That’s totally misleading, but it sells a lot of gym memberships, and lots of exercise equipment.

Abounding bodies are looking for a abrupt weight loss workout, and again, abounding fitness professionals (note that I didn’t add experts), accept that the harder you assignment out, the added fat you will burn, but…

That’s a Aspersion!

The bodies who accomplish these kinds of claims, obviously haven’t a clue how the human body works as it relates to weight ascendancy, and they should probably attending for some other line of assignment.

The Fat Burning Workout Or Sugar Burning

Affirmative it’s accurate that fat is burnt in the muscles, but so is sugar. All the really adamantine exercises where you sweat a lot and your muscles aching, is burning practically annihilation but sugar, and almost no fat.

Most able advise that you accept to assignment really adamantine to burn fat, and so the added motivated you are to accept a fat burning workout, the harder you assignment, and the harder you assignment, the added sugar you burn, but practically no fat whatsoever.

You can action buttoned up all kinds of weight lifting routines for your weight loss workout, and even body ample muscles, but they will be “sugar burning muscles”, not fat burning muscles.

If you’re a woman, you can body such ample muscles this road, that you’ll activate to attending according to a Guy, but you’ll still be fat!

Walking for Weight-Loss

Apprehend that “walking for weight loss” is the absolute ace weight loss exercise available. Unless you’re already actual fit, walking for weight loss is a much bigger fat burning exercise than running for weight loss.

It’s all relative!

If you’re unfit and overweight, especially if you’re overweight and a typical couch potato, then…

If you action running for weight-loss, you’ll burn almost annihilation but sugar and you’ll probably be actual sore the abutting day.

On the adverse acute, if you’re an experienced marathon runner, then your body is a actual efficient “Fat Burning Appliance”, which burns almost annihilation but fat during a amble.


Aloof ordinary walking won’t accomplish it for you, as there are 10 Secrets which we advise you in the chargeless Slim America weight loss Project, which turns ordinary walking into a actual efficient fat burning workout, but that’s not all…

Not alone is walking for weight loss a accelerated weight loss exercise and the ace fat loss workout, but it will again a rebuild your metabolism so that you burn added fat the rest of the day, even when you’re not exercising.

So you beam, walking for weight loss, is really the ace weight loss exercise available to you, as you really rebuild your metabolism, and that’s the answer to permanent weight loss.

Accept a Abundant Action!
About the Author

Armand Dupuis is a Personal Trainer, Speaker, Teacher, & Permanent Weight Loss Specialist, who has been a Austere Researcher into Human Consciousness for 5 Decades.

Mr. Dupuis has presently specialized his Teachings, into a able permanent and “chargeless” Weight Loss System, and Advice is available on his Interlacing Site.

Originall posted February 12, 2012