weight loss starts in the head

Are you a ‘attending-and-lose’ dieter? Accept you studied every diet ever created, peruse a zillion diet books, and yet are still atramentous with your weight?

Has your adventure for the holy grail of dieting alter to a substitute for actually manufacture changes required to booty the ill health out of your current diet?

If so, you may not realise your thoughts are answer to your beatitude and accomplishment.

Accomplish you attending at yourself and add, “I’m fat”, or “My hips are too ample”? Abounding of us attending in the mirror and immediately compare ourselves to those ‘absolute’ human specimens we beam every single day on TV, in magazines and in the newspapers.

Generally we speak to ourself and accomplish excuses, “It’s my genes”, “I’m much too active to amuse fit”, “I according to myself this”, as a road of protecting yourself from the road we beam ourselves any more and the road we appetite to be.

If we were to be truly above board with ourselves most bodies actually appetite to lose a few pounds – if we alone knew how.

The acceptable statement is you CAN accomplish your desired body shape with the adapted thinking about yourself, an compassionate of how to amuse optimal nutrition, healthy eating habits and how to incorporate action into your lifestyle to accumulate your muscles toned.

But most big of all, you charge a regular mental workout to accumulate your self-angel in shape.

Self-angel is closely connected to the accomplishment or failure of any ambition you choose to seek after, but none added so that the ambition to amuse yourself fit and healthy.

So how accomplish you action about strengthening your self-angel? Able-bodied fortunately your self-angel, aloof according to your muscles, will respond able-bodied to a regular assignment out. You can actually strengthen your self-angel with a few daily exercises.

Exercise One – Self Examination

Alpha by compiling a list of all those abrogating thoughts your accept about yourself…I’m undisciplined, I can’t administer my age, I let bodies down, I can’t succeed, I don’t exercise enough. You will charge to decide before you alpha this action that you won’t amuse discouraged….these are things that you will admit to yourself but they most certainly don’t accept to ascendancy your action.

Abutting, compile a second list including everything you LIKE about yourself. Accumulate going until this list is LONGER than the aboriginal list you compiled. You might accommodate things such as, I am a acceptable cook, I can accomplish bodies beam, I contribute to the soccer club, my daughter loves the road I decorate her room.

Then, booty your ‘negatives’ list and turn it into your ‘potentials’ list. You accomplish this by creating a absolute self-angel to every ‘abrogating’ you listed. Instead of “I can’t succeed”, inscription a counter acceptance, “I will succeed”.

Ceremonially hurl out the ‘negatives’ list – you are saying goodbye forever! Burn them, trash them, abort them….they are no longer going to be a allotment of your thinking about yourself.

Any more, accumulate your list of potentials in a prominent abode. On your refrigerator door, in your daily statement, or in a picture frame on your desk. Accomplish sure you accept them in front on your every single day so that you are reading them constantly and reprogramming your daily thoughts.

Exercise Two: You Can Be What You Appetite to Be

Any more that you accept your list of potentials… amble your own visualisation stories so that you can ‘beam’ yourself in a advanced ablaze. For archetype, if your list of abeyant includes “I eat aloof the adapted portions”, visualise yourself with a moderate portion on your plate, and action completely satisfied at the conclusion of your meal.

Peruse buttoned up your list of potentials every day captivating a few moments of personal buttoned up age to be resonant strongly on your visualisations. Ace shot starting your day aboriginal affair in the morning and finishing as the last affair at after aphotic with visualising yourself being the person on your list, and doing the things you appetite to accomplish.

Exercise Three: Accumulate a Statement of Your Daily Successes

Accumulate a document of all the absolute changes in thoughts you accept about yourself. We all accept triumphs and ‘failures’. You must document and remind yourself of the absolute changes as our human attributes will replay the negatives – sometimes blowing them out of proportion. It’s big to nurture and celebrate the baby steps you accomplish every day.

Exercise Four: Action Accessible On Yourself – You Are Admirable Assignment In Progress

Don’t listen to the criticism…not your own nor that of others! Bethink you are the designer of your self-esteem, accomplish not hand this over to other bodies. You are road too big to accord this away. Protect your role as creator of your own self-angel and accomplish not, booty on board abrogating criticisms. We all accomplish mistakes, and mistakes can be used to advice us apprentice. Accomplish not criticise yourself for being human and manufacture a aberration. The alone last aberration in the one from which we never apprentice to abound.

Exercise Five: Forget About The Former

The alone moment you can alive is the current one. You can’t alive in the approaching and you most certainly shouldn’t alive in the former….the claiming is to booty charge of our thinking so that we anticipate in the selfsame age area in which we alive!

For archetype we may be tempted to anticipate about yesterday’s failures…”If alone I hadn’t eaten second helpings”, “If alone I didn’t grasp for the chocolate cookies”. If we concentrate on the mistakes of yesterday this will our brains to replay our failures and reinforce them to us.

Yesterday is over, today is where you alive….accomplish sure that today you accomplish NOT replay yesterday’s failures and accomplish your resolve to chicken feed TODAY.

Exercise Six: Resolve to Chicken feed Today

Aloof as you shouldn’t alive in the former, you can’t alive in the approaching. You can alone alive or chicken feed today. The oldest cliché in the apple is maybe one of the greatest truisms of all…’tomorrow NEVER comes!’

There is no bigger age than any more. So, no matter what excuses you may accept to wait to booty those healthy steps you apperceive you should booty, none of them are valid. Accomplish it any more, accomplish it today. Resolve to accomplish a altered in your own action before you action to sleep tonight.

Exercise Seven: Inscription a Aim For your Action

This is your accomplishment aim. If you accept not already done so it is age for you to actualize direction and aim in your plans for yourself. Analysis your list of potentials and document abutting to each abeyant when you appetite to accomplish this by.

Exercise Eight: Act Affirmation Cards About Yourself

This is one of the fastest tools for your accomplishment. You are what you anticipate. Strengthen your self-angel every day by reviewing your thoughts. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this is to act affirmation cards in your notecase and analysis regularly. Affirmation cards are short bursts of words in bag card that prompt and remind your self-angel of your intentions. An archetype might be:
I can accomplish anything that I put my apperception to.
I will be satisfied with single helpings.

Ace shot it, you accept certainly annihilation to lose and everything to accretion!

Exercise Nine: Chicken feed Your Eating Habits

Any more that you accept set the groundwork in abode, you are any more ready to chicken feed your physical habits. You are ready to add a balanced nutritious diet, healthy eating habits, regular exercise and relaxation.

By using these nine exercises daily to chicken feed your thinking habits, you will be strengthening your self esteem and unlocking your internal adeptness to accomplish a chicken feed in your action. Before you can chicken feed lifelong eating habits, you must aboriginal chicken feed action continued thinking habits. We are what we anticipate. We can’t be something other than what we accept we can be!

So, accomplish yourself a favour, liberate your self-angel and then, beam how much added able your healthy living aim becomes!

Kim Beardsmore, B.Sc, MBA is a acknowledged weight loss consultant. To beam what you can accomplish today to booty ascendancy of your weight, appointment her website at http://leanmachine.org/?refid=selfesteem-12867

Originall posted January 27, 2012