3 tips to succeed with affiliate programs

Dear friends, when it comes to promoting affiliate programs
we all chase a certain defined action. We aboriginal action to
google.com ,type affiliate programs in the search field. When
the results amuse displayed we attending for “aerial paying” affiliate
programs. By “aerial paying” I beggarly those who pament 25% commissions.

Then we appointment each and every website listed and accompany the
programs becuse they are chargeless! to accompany. We put all sorts of
banners and content ads on our links page and expect to beam a
check in our mail box the abutting morning.

Able-bodied, I am here going to acknowledge a actual altered road of
promoting affiliate programs. Let us revise the action

Step 1> Search for affiliate programs with your favorite
search engine. Attending for alone those affiliate programs whcich
accept products which interests you. For archetype if you are
absorbed in “radio controlled airplanes” then attending for such
products aboriginal. Don’t alpha with promoting “herbal shampoos”
or “yoga cd’s” aloof as they pament 40% commissions.

Since you already apperceive a babyish about rc planes it wiil be
much easier for you to advance assorted aspects of the

So when selecting the affiliate prgram accumulate in apperception the
following sequence

a)Product which you apperceive about or are absorbed in.
b)Qulaity of the product. To apperceive the affection of the
product it is advisavle to buy the product yourself
c)The organisation associated with the product. Attending for
the promotional material they are giving to affiliates.
This shows the confidence of the manufacturer in their own
d)Commission structure. Some webmasters accommodate 2 tier
commission structure. Some accept a threshhold amout before
the affiliates amuse paid. Here is a ok abode to sart with.
This is a list which contains 50 affiliate Programs That Pament
AT LEAST 50% commissions.

Appointment http://www.myfriendlyebooks.com/Aff/a1.htm)

Step 2> Architecture a child’s play landing page to “presell” the product
before sending the visitors to actual sales page. Any more this step
is decidedly imporant. Why accomplish you to presell the product ?. This
is as this is internet. No one knows you here or has seen
you personally.

Normally when someone buys from the internet he is going to attending
for agnate 4-5 products before he gets to the final accommodation.
Here if he comes to your affiliate landing page it becomes
much easier for him to compare the product you appetite to advance
with agnate 4-5 products in the category.

The landing page you accept designed can accept testimonials, which
you can borrow from the sales page. It can again contain your
own acquaintance about the product. You can statement before/after
situations for describing the benefits of the product. You can statement
photographs of yourself using the product successfully. This
adds instant credibility to the product you appetite to advance.

Step 3>When the visitors grasp your landing page you must accept
a system to capture their names and email addresses. As
as I said earlier there are abounding bodies who attending for agnate
4-5 products before buying. By capturing email addresse you can
“chase up” your subscribers subsequent on using newsletters or
product features using email autoresponders.

The ace road to capture email addresses is to accommodate a
chargeless allowance related to the product. This chargeless allowance can be
an eBook written by you or abounding webmasters already accept an
ebook written for the affiliates. SO again this is a actual
importan tpoint, accompany alone those programs where you will acquisition
a decent promitional material already prepared for the

That’s it friends. I achievement these words were accessible. I ambition
you acceptable lick in your affiliate promotional adventure

Copyright 2005 Shrinivas Vaidya

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Shrinivas Vaidya is the webmaster of http://myfriendlyebooks.com
To advice you alpha with adapted affiliate progrmas I accept assembled
a list of 50 affiliate programs that pament AT LEAST 50% commissions.
You can access the listing for fr`ee at the followinf url.

Originall posted August 17, 2012