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Colin McDougall tinkered around with affiliate programs earning a few dollars, annihilation much to inscription at ease about, even had his own e-commerce site, accepted as the man’s mall. In theory that site was supposed to action all sorts of gadgets for guys. Colin created the site with the abstraction “body it they will come” but in absoluteness no one did. According to so abounding ventures, it was a huge disappointment, lots of adamantine assignment and no pament off.

Colin says, “The man’s mall failed as I started the adventure blindly, I didn’t accept a clue how the search engines worked or how to accomplish almighty dollar with affiliate programs. Without an action aim and a map on how to amuse the gold it was all pointless. But not anymore, I hit the internet gold mine, a virtual moneymaking appliance.”

Peruse on to apprentice the facts about affiliate marketing and how Colin went from failing on the Internet to manufacture austere almighty dollar with affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is paying off for retailers

2003 online sales are bucking the retail trend. With traditional retail sales down, retailers are forced to accomplish added with less. They’ve shifted budgets away from expensive portal deals to performance-based affiliate marketing and search engine marketing and it’s paying off. (Source: Forrester Research)

It’s no surprise that traditional advertisers such as American Accurate, State Geographic, Toshiba and even Disney are flocking to the emerging affiliate marketing model. Advertisers accept a actual low risk with affiliate marketing; they simply pament a commission for actual sales. No sales, no commission.

Affiliates adulation it too

Affiliates who accept the affiliate marketing bag are earning huge incomes, even those who are doing it as a hobby, in abounding cases, are earning a few hundred to a few thousand extra dollars each month.

Jeff Pullen, President of Commission Junction, a third affair provider of infrastructure and tracking told the crowd at a recent conference held in Santa Barbara that, “Commissions are up 80% over the previous year”. According to the Affiliate Summit, held in early November 2003 in Advanced York City, affiliate marketing is already a $14 billion industry. (Source: Marketing Sherpa)

Online shopping is booming – the approaching is ablaze

Affiliate marketing works as the pament for performance model makes sense. Plus, bodies are flocking to the Internet in droves to shop online. According to Forrester Research, a Massachusetts-based research firm, nationally online sales are expected to total $96 billion this year and climb to $229 billion by 2008.

Affiliate marketing in a nutshell

An affiliate program is a bag accord where one website owner (a “merchant”) agrees to pament another website owner (an “affiliate”) a commission simply for referring customers.

Merchants typically administer their affiliate program by joining a commission network such as Commission Junction or LinkShare who accommodate third-affair tracking and infrastructure or by purchasing and installing specialized tracking software on their own server.

Beam Commission Junction and for a list of merchants who are looking for affiliates to advance their products and services.

How Colin got involved with affiliate marketing

Colin says: “I activate the treasure map; the Affiliate Marketers Handbook written by James Martell,” an entrepreneur and acknowledged affiliate marketer. The aboriginal age Colin peruse the Affiliate Marketers Handbook he mentions, that it was according to looking at the horizon buttoned up binoculars; he could beam where he was headed. The second age reading the book Colin, it was according to looking at a road map and seeing how to grasp the riches on the horizon.

Colin says, “With the book, you apprentice how to amuse organized, aim the site, amble the bag, and bull's eye on the riches along the horizon.”

Colin learned firsthand, with the man’s mall, that without compassionate the search engines, your bag is dead in the baptize. The “body it they will come” apperception set, aloof doesn’t cut it.

As Colin says: “The book’s system for using keywords really makes sense, after my prior acquaintance it’s according to this ablaze bulb went off…so that’s how I’m going to attract visitors and manufacture almighty dollar. In my aged bag, I was set up to fail, with the handbook I’m set up to achievement.”

Got Spot: How did you action from failing at the Internet to accomplish almighty dollar?

Colin explains, “By reading James’ handbook. His book is absolute, it’s not the stuff of Internet legends, but it’s an above board, to goodness road map. James really shares what works. I’ve followed his 8-step system™ and any more accept a bigger abode, a bigger car and financial independence.

At aboriginal, I was amazed at how much the book gives away, but that’s James. He really wants everybody to succeed, he’s got things all laid out in his book. If you chase it the almighty dollar’s there, it’s up to the reader to action for the gold.”

Got Spot: What was it according to getting started?

Colin says, “In the alpha I was skeptical, manufacture almighty dollar with affiliate marketing, aloof seemed unreal. After attending James’ aboriginal class in Vancouver, at the prodding of a acquaintance Chuck Anderson, and actually affair with other bodies, earning lots of almighty dollar with affiliate marketing, the entire action really resonated. I knew I could accomplish it, if they could.”

Got Spot: Why was that so adamantine to grasp?

Colin: “As a system tech I was working 50% harder for a measly 5% lift, all of $250/month. It was awful. In the class all these bodies were manufacture a lot added almighty dollar than me, working aloof a few hours a day. What a wake up call. I felt according to a dummy slaving away at 60 hours a week, with practically annihilation to appearance for it.”

Colin adds, “The adamantine allotment for me was getting over my former, removing the skepticism, and aloof running. My disbelief held me back four months. So I started off baby spending one hour a day doing affiliate marketing.

The alpha search engine traffic and commission checks…aloof blew me away, speak about a absolute eye-opener. Annihilation according to numbers to amuse a techie aflame.”

Got Spot: What’s the almighty dollar according to?

Colin: “When I aboriginal started I earned $400 a month, nearly twin my lift as a system tech. By the borderline of the year I hoped to accomplish $5k a month (my system tech pay). I hit that mark in six months. Within 9 months I earned $120K. The day action is any more history. The almighty dollar’s astounding, it aloof keeps growing.”

Got Spot: What is your product alcove?

Colin says, “In the alpha, I went after the ample paycheck, according to credit cards. My newer sites aspect things I appetite to apprentice added about or hobbies.”

Colin follows the selfsame methods for interlacing site construction developed by James Martell. These principals are incorporated into Colin’s acknowledged sites featuring: mortgage loans, furniture slip covers and credit card applications.

Got Spot: What is a typical day according to?

Colin says, “Its epitome. How abounding fathers can add they accept age to play Barbie’s with their daughter? Everyday I assignment for two hours and spend an afternoon in the grassland with the family, then another hour or two of assignment and its dinner age, what a day!”

Got Spot: What tips accomplish accept for someone starting out?

Colin says: “Buy the Affiliate Marketers Handbook, chase it step-by-step. Don’t bob ahead. Devote one hour a day to affiliate marketing, when you amuse at ease from assignment. Accomplish the renunciation. The short chat affliction is worth the continued chat accretion. Don’t settle for fool’s gold, searching buttoned up the “ace affiliate programs”, acquisition the absolute gold, James Martell’s 8-step system™, it’s within your grasp. Action for the gold.”

Colin McDougall followed a child’s play 8-step-system™ for affiliate marketing created by James Martell, entrepreneur, acknowledged affiliate marketer, and developer of over 70 specialty shopping sites with topics that scope from motorized scooters to treadmill comparisons; and again educates bodies who appetite to alpha a homebased bag using affiliate programs and the Internet!

Colin McDougall is the editor of the credit analysis site, Alone the ace credit cards online. You can appointment this site at

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Originall posted November 14, 2012