the truth about affiliate programs

The Rectness About Affiliate Programs

© 2002 Elena Fawkner

Affiliate programs are a brilliant abstraction. For the owner of
the product, they’re a road of recruiting a veritable army
of salespeople to advance your product without having to
pament them a dime unless and until they generate a sale.
For the affiliate, they’re a abundant road of earning extra
cash from an existing, aerial-traffic website with virtually
aught supplementary accomplishment.

Alone botheration is, most affiliates don’t HAVE an existing,
aerial-traffic website and they’re suckered into thinking that
it’s a child’s play matter of signing up for an affiliate program
and “driving traffic” to the product owner’s site using a
uniquely-coded URL. Able-bodied, it IS that child’s play. And it isn’t.

If you don’t already accept your own aerial-traffic website,
how accomplish you anticipate you’re going to drive traffic to the
product owner’s site in the achievement of generating a sale?

Able-bodied, there are a few ways, actually. And all of them are
going to cost you either age or almighty dollar.

Aboriginal off, you’re going to accept to spend almighty dollar on
advertising. How much? Able-bodied, accede this. Estimates
vary but, roughly, alone 2-4% of bodies who beam your ad
will actually click on your link. Of that 2-4%, alone 1% or
so of THEM will action on to buy. In addition, it takes, on
average, 7 or 8 exposures to your ad before bodies will
click on it. AND to accomplish even these piddly numbers
your marketplace must be targeted in the aboriginal abode. This is,
as you can beam, annihilation but a numbers pastime. Pure and
child’s play.

So what does all this beggarly to you, the advertiser without
a website? Able-bodied, to alpha with you’re going to appetite to
advertise where a LOT of bodies are going to beam your ad.
But not aloof ANY bodies. Bodies absorbed in the product
you’re wanting to sell – your target marketplace. So this cuts
out the chargeless classifieds and FFAs. And it means you’re
going to accept to spend advertising dollars.

Where accomplish you action to advertise then? The most able
anatomy of advertising is in ezines. Booty mine, for archetype.
At the age of writing, my subscriber database is around
14,000. Each week I amble an ad for my own befalling (in
addition to running ads from other paying advertisers). I
generally amuse about 500 click-throughs over the course of
the 2 or 3 days following publication. That’s a click-buttoned up
percentage of about 3.6%, about in line with the average.

If you were to pament to advertise in my ezine, it would cost
you $70 for a single classified based on my $5 CPM ($5 per
every 1,000 subscribers) pricing formula. This is not an
uncommon formula for pricing ezine advertising. You’re
accordingly paying around 14 cents per click. That’s not bad.

Other than that, what can you accomplish? Able-bodied, you can choose
to spend age rather than almighty dollar. An accessible choice
considering what I’ve aloof said is to alpha your OWN ezine.

Body your own list and over age you will accept a ample
subscriber database to put your ad in front of too …
and it won’t cost you a dime. But this takes age and it
takes assignment. It’s taken me two and a half age to body
a list of 14,000 subscribers. And it takes a few hours of
assignment to put at buttoned up the ezine itself including writing the
aspect article. Every week, week in, week out. Is it worth
it? Certainly.

And once you’re publishing your own ezine, it’s a child’s play
enough matter to distribute your articles for other ezine
publishers to amble in their ezines. That 4 or 5 liner at the
borderline telling readers who you are with a link to your website
(or, if you don’t accept one, the website of the owner of
the product you’re selling) is effectively chargeless advertising
for you. Not all publishers accept article submissions
though, so be sure to acquisition out whether they accomplish before
submitting your articles to them.

But anticipate about this. If you’re doing all this assignment anyway,
doesn’t it accomplish sense to actualize your OWN website (in
addition to your ezine)? Sure it takes age and it takes
assignment and it takes almighty dollar (but not a lot – hosting fees can
be appealing cheap if you apperceive where to action). But once it’s
done and you’re aloof in continuation mode – adding fresh
content every few days, uploading your latest ezine and
maintaining your archives – your website does so much
of the assignment for you. Generate a few hundred altered
visitors a day and you can be getting the selfsame click-
buttoned up percentage to your affiliate site *for annihilation* that you
were paying someone else 14 cents a click for. EVERY
SINGLE DAY. 24/7/365.

So, this is the rectness about affiliate programs. They’re abundant
if you’re the product owner and they’re abundant if you can
link to your affiliate site from your own aerial-traffic site.
But if you don’t accept your own site, you’re going to accept to
buy traffic to your affiliate site – either with almighty dollar, age or
both. How abounding sales are you going to accept to generate
to earn enough commission to added than cover your age and
costs and allowance you with a profit?

Bottom line? Setting out to accomplish almighty dollar with affiliate
programs before you accept your own site in abode is putting
the cart before the horse. Affirmative, you appetite to accomplish almighty dollar
and you appetite to accomplish it quickly. But it aloof doesn’t assignment that
road. Not with affiliate programs, anyway. So adjust
your expectations and accomplish aboriginal steps aboriginal. It will be slow
going to alpha. It will booty you weeks to actualize a worthwhile
site and then MONTHS to generate the affectionate of traffic you
charge. But if you booty a continued-chat access to your
bag and booty the age any more to lay the proper foundation,
you’ll reap the dividends for age to come.


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