working with affiliate programs

Working With Affiliate Programs
by Jude Wright (c) 2004

Everywhere you attending you beam affiliate program offers for
every product or service that you can anticipate of. Some accept
fully automated systems that sell aerial volumes of adamantine
products all over the apple. In position you don’t apperceive, “adamantine”
products are those that you can touch…unlike an ebook or
downloadable interlacing template. Abounding affiliate programs accept
several thousand affiliates and one or two of the bigger
companies accept over one million affiliates.

What are the advantages of joining an affiliate program?

They accommodate a ready-fabricated bag. This is a actual ample plus
for those bodies who appetite to earn some affectionate of living off
the Internet but absence the adeptness or inclination to set up
a bag by themselves.

Commissions and rewards are generally acceptable, and the added
established programs action a absolute chance of advancement to
higher and bigger-paid levels.

Other affiliates are usually on hand to action practical

What are the limitations?

You are restricted in your promotional activities due to the
actuality that you accomplish not actually own the affiliate site they
accord you. You won’t be able to put such things as banners,
images, links, meta tags, etc. onto your page.
The URL of your affiliate page is generally either too continued or
contains such awkward things as catechism marks, which abounding
Search Engines will not index.

Any promotional ads or articles accept probably already been
used by thousands of other bodies and consequently may accept
absent its appulse, manufacture it added ambitious to accomplish sales
or referrals.

If the program you accept joined has not yet established
itself (or in some cases even if it has), then you may
encounter problems with payments owed to you not being
honored. You again amble the risk of low affection products or
sub-standard statistics that accomplish not accurately document how
abounding referrals or sales you accept fabricated.

You may be required to purchase a minimum figure of the
product on a regular basis before you alpha to qualify for
commissions or even before you can alter to an affiliate.
You may not amuse the mechanical or affiliate abutment you might
expect from the company. This may be due to inadequate
staffing, or the company’s negligence.

Other bodies in your downline accomplish annihilation to advance the

At least four of the above limitations can be affected with
a babyish age and accomplishment. You could, for archetype, come up
with fresher ads to advance the program (provided this is

If the company supplies the email addresses of bodies in
your downline, then you could action to advice the less active
members. Actual generally these bodies are passive not as
they are apathetic or apathetic but merely as they don’t
apperceive HOW to advance effectively! your guidance could beggarly
the aberration between no sales or referrals and healthy
downlines and residual incomes.

As regards promoting your actual page, here are a couple of
babyish tricks that should affected a figure of

Cloak your Affiliate URL to bar hijackers Affiliate Masker
While this will not advice you to amuse listed on the above
Search Engines, it will accomplish your interlacing page easier for
prospects to bethink and type into their browser’s inscription

Action to your affiliate page. Abode your mouse pointer anywhere
on the page and adapted click once. In the drop-down box
choose “Appearance Source”. This will affectation the HTML for the
page. Save this to your adamantine drive as a HTML document using
the “Save As” function. Upload the page to your interlacing site.
If you don’t accept a interlacing site then amuse some chargeless interlacing space
from one of these:

Submit your ‘advanced’ page to the Search Engines. You are again
any more able to abode banner codes, links, images, testimonials,
in actuality anything you appetite onto these pages, as you are
in ascendancy of the HTML. A chat of caution, though. Don’t
chicken feed the actual HTML of your aboriginal affiliate page. Aloof
put the other stuff, according to banners etc, around it.

Manufacture this “mirror page” of your affiliate page will
dramatically advance your advertising options.

Originall posted July 27, 2012